WATCH: Hard-hitting ad slams Biden over support for sex-changes for kids

This ad, by the American Principles Project, is the sort of thing I’ve been wanting for a long time. As I’ve written often in this space, the trans movement has conquered the cultural elites, but the vast majority of normal people find the trans agenda insanely radical. Most people do not think men can get pregnant, or that some women have penises, or that children should be permitted to undergo life-altering treatments. The problem is that those who support the trans agenda have a lock on much of the media, the universities, the public education system, and the entire entertainment industry. Normal people who find this new cult to be insane have no voice–and those who speak up, like the Wall Street Journal‘s Abigail Shrier–get silenced and censored. Politicians who believe this experiment to be dangerous need to stand up and be counted. One way to do that is with ads like this:

Simple. Hard-hitting. Effective. We need to see more of this if we’re going to have any hope of fighting back.

If you want some idea of how dangerous the trans agenda is, check out my interview with Abigail Shrier:

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