Hollywood is trying to normalize abortion by making it “funny”–and it has worked for other evils

By Jonathon Van Maren

It will surprise nobody to learn that I’m not one of those folks who thinks that every subject is fair game for comedy. Not everything is funny, and more importantly, some things should not be mocked. That goes especially for mocking God (blasphemy), which is the norm in entertainment these days, but also includes subjects that are simply inappropriate topics for humor.

Conservatives have gotten far too comfortable with making a joke about everything in response to the fact that progressives have gotten so uptight. Back in the day, after all, it was lefties getting in trouble for being crude or mocking religion. These days, it’s comedians daring to blaspheme the LGBT community. It is inevitable that societies end up having blasphemy laws, and those laws tell us who has the power and what we worship.

This brings me to a subject that, for obvious reasons, I find to be no laughing matter: Abortion. For some time now, the entertainment industry has been attempting to make feticide funny. Earlier this fall, for example, HBO released Unpregnant, a slapstick road trip comedy about two girls who head off across the US to a state without parental consent laws to procure an abortion. Three head off on a road trip; one is killed, two return, making it a success. In between, much hilarity ensues. If abortion is funny, after all, how can it also be a brutal act of violence that shreds the tiny body of a little human being? The answer, of course, is that it can’t. And that’s the entire point.


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