Trudeau’s euthanasia bill will allow people to commit suicide on the same day they request it

Garnett Genuis, the Conservative Member of Parliament for the Edmonton riding of Sherwood Park/Fort Saskatchewan, is calling on Canadians to sign a petition urging the Trudeau government to reconsider elements of their new euthanasia bill. An excerpt:

The government built in a legislative review designed to assess how the euthanasia regime was going five years years later. However, the government decided in advance of the review to remove some of the safeguards that were thought to be vital just a few short years ago.

The government is now introducing a bill to further expand euthanasia. The Liberals have tabled Bill C-7, which would bring in three things about which Canadians should be very concerned.

The new law would bring us:

  1. Same Day Death – the possibility to receive death on the same day a person requests it
  2. Death Without Contemporaneous Consent – a situation where people will have their lives taken without being consulted in the moment
  3. Death Without Two Independent Witnesses – creating countless possibilities for abuses

Death by euthanasia is increasing at an alarming rate in Canada. Same-day death, death without contemporaneous consent, and death without multiple independent witnesses are moving us in a dangerous direction that will leave even more people vulnerable.

Lacking adequate palliative care, Canadians do not currently have a meaningful choice insofar as there is a lack of access to life-supporting options. The government needs to do more for assisted living, instead of removing vital safeguards that protect people around the assisted dying regime.

As I noted earlier, Bill C-7 is an extraordinarily radical and dangerous piece of legislation. We should support the MPs attempting to blunt the damage.

Check out Genuis’s petition here.

One thought on “Trudeau’s euthanasia bill will allow people to commit suicide on the same day they request it

  1. Monica says:

    This bill is only going to benefit Justin Trudeau and his little band of criminals by killing off more seniors in a quicker fashion.

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