The CBC melts down over Canadian Human Rights Museum not including abortion in school tours

By Jonathon Van Maren

When the Human Rights Museum first opened in 2014 in Winnipeg, I flew in to join pro-life activists from around the province protesting outside. Despite the rain, folks of all ages stood alongside the crowd queuing to get in, holding signs depicting abortion victims and displaying quotes from various international human rights doctrines affirming the right of all members of the human family. I had been on one of the first tours through the museum, and Canada’s only human rights museum affirmed the nation’s greatest human rights violation—the destruction of four million children in the womb—as a victory for human rights. Abortion activists such as Henry Morgentaler and Gloria Steinem were lionized alongside champions such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi.

Despite what progressive politicians would have us believe, the multiculturalism of Canada has actually resulted in very divergent views of what constitutes human rights. Progressive views—support for abortion and the ever-expanding LGBT agenda—are primarily held by white Canadians (something Justin Trudeau would never admit.) Recent polling, for example, indicated that 71% of respondents of European descent supported same-sex “marriage” while only 44% of respondents from East Asian backgrounds supported it and a mere 42% of South Asians. Pro-life activists have found that most recent immigrants to Canada are likely to be instinctively anti-abortion, as well.


One thought on “The CBC melts down over Canadian Human Rights Museum not including abortion in school tours

  1. Navi says:

    The real problem is that the Harper government used tax money to build a shrine to Henry Morgentaler (who regularly reused vacurettes to shave $3.30 off his costs) in the first place.

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