The New York Times’ insane gaslighting on transgenderism

By Jonathon Van Maren

Hello everyone. For today’s lesson on media gaslighting, I would like to direct you to a headline in The New York Times, which reads as follows: “Transgender Girls in Sports: G.O.P Pushes New Front in Culture War.”

If I were to invent a headline to illustrate the point that the media is gaslighting the public, this would be roughly what I would come up with. It is, however, all too real. There is so much about this single sentence that highlights how brazen the media are in their attempt to transform American mores that it is worth breaking it down.

First, we have the phrase “transgender girls.” Who are they referring to here? Biological boys who identify as girls — males who suffer from gender dysphoria. The language demanded by the trans movement has been accepted as fact by The New York Times and cited as such. In short, those who do not accept the new ideology that posits that boys can become girls or vice versa or that biology is unharnessed from gender are implicitly portrayed as either nonexistent, stupid, or bigoted.


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