BLM co-founder purchases mansion in neighborhood with 88% white population (and other stories)

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In the New York Post, Sohrab Ahmari and Matthew Schmitz have a column titled “Never Trump conservatives are complicit with Team Biden’s moral outrages and norm-breaking.” An excerpt:

Never Trumpers assailed Trump for his treatment of ­migrants at the border. In a 2018 podcast, Charen called it ­“immoral,” “an outrage.” Wehner called family separation one of Trump’s “cruelest” moves. But will these and other Never Trump figures speak out as Biden detains an unprecedented flow of migrant minors? Charen and Wehner are mostly keeping mum on the border; Kristol, meanwhile, denies that there even is a crisis at the border. Will Never Trump denounce the kids in Biden’s cages? 

Never Trumpers criticized Trump’s treatment of women, sometimes rightly. But their ­interest in promoting the dignity of women hasn’t stopped them from backing Biden, who has ­declared the Equality Act his No. 1 legislative priority. The bill would allow biological males to spend the night in battered women’s shelters and ­allow boys to shower in girls’ locker rooms, based on subjective claims of gender identity alone. 

Read the whole thing. Based on David Frum’s Twitter feed, it appears obvious that most of those who decried Trump were selective in their principles. (This refers specifically to those Never Trumpers who voted for Joe Biden—those who rejected both do not fall into this category. My own negative opinion of Trump was very unpopular and concurred with many of their objections.) We will discover, in the next couple of years, which of Trump’s critics were hacks and which ones were actually committed to their political principles.


Speaking of grifters, Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, has just done the most Marxist thing ever:

A Black Lives Matter co-founder and self-professed ‘trained Marxist’ has raised eyebrows by purchasing a $1.4 million Los Angeles home, in a largely white district. Patrisse Cullors, a 37-year-old ‘artist, organizer, and freedom fighter’, has bought a three bedroom, three bathroom house in Topanga Canyon, complete with a separate guest house and expansive back yard, reports

The home is described in the real estate listing as having ‘a vast great room with vaulted and beamed ceilings’. The realtors write that the large back yard is ‘ideal for entertaining or quietly contemplating cross-canyon vistas framed by mature trees’.

The AP reported that Black Lives Matter took in $90 million in donations last year. It’s not clear if or how Cullors is paid by the organization, as its finances are opaque. In her new zip code, 88 per cent of residents are white and 1.8 per cent black, according to the census.

That’s the real kicker, isn’t it? As Tucker Carlson notes in Ship of Fools, the race grifters and progressives talk a good game about diversity while moving into gated communities that constitute the least-diverse places in America and fiercely fighting any plans to build affordable housing in their neighborhoods.


Keira Bell, the teenage girl who “transitioned” to male and then “de-transitioned” after realizing that the so-called transgender treatments did nothing to help her underlying problems, successfully won a High Court ruling in the United Kingdom in December affirming that children could not consent to puberty blockers. She has now written out her story in full. It is, sadly, a story for our times. Read it here.


If you’re interested in the Big Tech conundrum, Bari Weiss has an interesting piece titled “What Should Be Done to Curb Big Tech?” on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s proposed remedy. Give it a read.


This review of Fulfillment: Winning and Losing in One-Click America in First Things, also by Sohrab Ahmari, is a must-read. An excerpt:

Why doesn’t Amazon care about the family conditions of its employees? Why do it and similar firms use ­algorithmic scheduling that deprives workers of predictability in their schedules, essential to being able to spend time with children? The inescapable conclusion of MacGillis’s book is that this is Amazon’s vision of American life: upscale distractions and ultra-­convenience for those who can afford it; precarious employment relieved by weed and opioids for those who cannot; and both groups ­ultimately unbound from the familial ties and community limits that make for a truly human life.

So, of course, a firm like Amazon would censor dissent against woke gender ideology. It isn’t just that Bezos’s woke preening distracts attention from the abhorrent situation of his labor force. The production of Homo amazonicus—which is finally the whole tendency of high-tech capitalism—­requires the destruction of anything that stands in the way of ­efficiency—including communal bonds and family ties. Homo amazonicus has no need of father, mother, or child, of family, place, or political community.

Read the whole thing.


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