Richard Dawkins cancelled by atheist group after transgender campaign

By Jonathon Van Maren

The culture wars of the 2020s are creating some strange bedfellows. J.K. Rowling, the author of a series of books Christian parents treated with healthy suspicion, has come out against the trans ideologues along with a litany of other beleaguered feminists. When I posted my interview with Chris Elston, an activist campaigning against giving puberty blockers to children, I got a comment on Twitter from Marc Emery, the renowned libertine activist from British Columbia known as the Prince of Pot: “@christophelston is the hardest working man in Canada trying to save children from irreversible damage urged on by sick ideologues of the gender identity cult.”

Okay, then. Didn’t expect that to happen. But in 2021, the battle lines no longer pit Right against Left so much as those willing to unharness from biology and take the plunge into radical autonomy and self-realization at all costs versus those who believe that this is an incredibly dangerous path—particularly for the upcoming generation of guinea pigs weaned on LGBT entertainment, public school propaganda, and the dark digit forests of the interwebs.

Meanwhile, trans ideologues have been cutting their way through progressive ranks, dispatching traitors and those who refuse to bend the knee to the new gender regime. Even an icon as renowned as Germaine Greer, whose taboo-smashing 1970 book The Female Eunuch became a seminal feminist text is not safe. Young people these days are far more radical than Greer ever was, and far less tolerant of dissent. The Sexual Revolution, it turns out, is the same sort of revolution that had Robespierre thrusting his own head into the guillotine.


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