Pedophiles identifying as transgender is creating spike in so-called “female rapists”

Have you ever read a news story about a female pedophile or child molester? Not often, I’ll wager. That’s because it is incredibly rare for women to be pedophiles, for a wide range of reasons. But these days, there seems to be a sudden surge in women preying on children. Consider this story, from The Northern Echo:

A child sex offender blew the chance offered by a judge only last month. Just a week after being given the 15-month sentence, suspended for two years at Durham Crown Court, Marcia Walker came to the attention of staff at an Oxfam charity bookstore, as she was showing interest in mother and baby care books, portraying pictures of naked infants. Police were notified and visited Walker at the hostel into which she had moved following the transgender inmate’s release from Durham Prison.

Nicholas Hall, prosecuting, said a search revealed various books containing more photos of naked children, while secreted about her clothing were further images of youngsters, concentrating on their genital areas. Walker was arrested and made no comment.

Mr Hall said Walker was subject of an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) prohibiting her possessing indecent images of children as her past offences include gross indecency with a female child, two offences of raping a girl, plus possession and distribution of indecent images of children. Walker, 47, who was living in a hostel in Guildford, Surrey, last month, admitted breaching the SHPO.

Now in HMP High Down, in Surrey, she chose not to appear on the video link for the hearing at Durham. Fiona Lamb, mitigating, said Walker was protesting at being detained in a male prison when she is now female, as she cannot be brought into contact with male inmates, restricting her opportunity to take up activities.

The “she,” of course, is actually a “he.” There was not a female rapist on the loose who raped a girl—that was a male, who should be in a men’s prison. Understandably, this male pedophile does not want to be in a male prison, and has taken advantage of our society’s current insanity to identify as female, which the media, the government, and the prison system obediently defers to.

This isn’t a one-off example, either. A male pedophile identifying as female was released in Toronto—the police reported that “she” had sexually assaulted three girls and that “she” was at a high risk for reoffending. A child killer guilty of raping and murdering a 13-year-old girl has also decided to identify as transgender, and is now considered female. One convicted pedophile went as far as to attempt to identify as an 8-year-old girl to explain away his crimes.

And of course, the media and the politicians gravely call these child rapists and murderers by their referred pronouns.

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  1. Navi says:

    Female (non-transgender) child molesters absolutely do exist, and they’re found in every profession where they’re in a position of authority and have easy, unsupervised access to children. They can be just as harmful but victims are less likely to report the abuse or be taken seriously, with the predominant response being to tell them how lucky they are and ask how hot the rapist is.

  2. Messi says:

    People can vote presidents and political parties that will not give men womens rights and women mens rights that has caused and will cause severe harm especially to children and women. Those same liberal leaders are also taking your human rights away. Many people have already lost their jobs and even gotten jail sentence just for refusing to lie or for telling the truth.
    Still the more people that give away their rights without a fight the more they will take away from everyone.

    By dictionaries in USA, UK, Canada and every single country
    Woman = adult female human
    Man = adult male human

  3. Ben Z. says:

    There are also female predators out there who also identify the trans movement. My former attorney, Valerie Houghton is the best example. She wants to “mass produce transgender youth” by forcing them to be sexually abused.

    Besides my five children, I have found that there at least 6 other children that she has sex trafficked.

    I don’t believe that it is right to use the transgender movement as an excuse to sexually abuse children directly or by proxy. Although this is a politically inflammatory subject, there needs to be more of a discussion about this because it DOES happen.

    I have posted Ms. Houghton’s social media posts, as well as a detailed account of what she does. Perhaps she is the outlier.

    • Ben Z. says:

      I think that in Valerie Hougthon’s case, she thinks that her transgender status give her a hall pass to do this to children. She expresses both entitlement to do that to kids and transgender pride in the same social media posts.

      People are quick to separate pedophilia and transgender-ism. However correct this assumption is, it doesn’t negate the fact that some transgender associated people do sexually abuse children.

      • Ben Z. says:

        Ms. Houghton laughs about it. She says, “My child, my rules” and “She’ll [my daughter] will have fun”

        She also said, “It’s not rape if they want it”

        Watch her joke that “molesting [kids] is not reportable”

        Valerie sees absolutely nothing wrong with doing that to children.

  4. Ben Z. says:

    The state is helping perpetuate the concealment of the sexual abuse of my children. Dr. Lyn J. Mangiameli is contracted by the state to write evaluations of mental competency. He was appointed to evaluate me during a malicious prosecution that arose after I complained. Here is an associate writ that I filed that sheds light on the situation:

    Since Ms. Houghton indicated on several occasions that she would tamper with any evaluation, I refused to undergo one. You can see one of the social media posts that I was directed to view:

    California Penal Code section 236.1 makes “the abuse or threatened abuse of the legal process” to sex traffic children unlawful.

    Dr. Mangiameli wrote a report, anyhow. He never met or spoke with me, nor did he use an assessment. He completely ruined my standing to protect my children with his armchair diagnosis. See this:

    I have asked him to retract his report and return the money back to the state. He never fulfilled his obligation to make a determination using an empirically valid assessment. Furthermore, he knew that my children were being sexually abused. After hearing that he would write the report without my participation, I filed a preemptive complaint with the California Board of Psychology. I included all of the pertinent details.

    Dr. Mangiameli simply did not care. All he wanted was to pocket the money.

    I found a direct quote from Dr. Mangiameli. He is reflecting on his emotions after volunteering during a wild fire.

    “After my fire, sensitive to feeling everything I had built, acquired, and nurtured had been stripped from me, I came up with a list of three things I believed could never be taken from me:

    1. The memories of the experiences I have had. This belief made me determined to have a life filled with experiences and adventure.

    2. The knowledge and skills I acquire.

    3. My integrity. My reputation may go up and down in the judgement of others, but my integrity is a contract with myself. Only I can diminish it, and sometimes I have paid a high price in my refusal to do so.”

    How can he say that he refuses to compromise his integrity? What he did to my standing to protect my children directly contradicts his statement.

    Here are two petitions to urge the Judicial Council to terminate its contract with Dr. Mangiameli. His reports are compromising public safety. Please support my petitions by signing them.

  5. Ben Z. says:

    Some pedophiles just have a lot of power. People like Valerie Houghton are able to indirectly sexually abuse children by pulling a Jimmy McGill. Either the parent is crazy for trying to stop the molestation, or the abuse is disguised as an acceptable transgender activity.

    Read Valerie’s own words. You can scroll through 70+ social media posts that I was directed to view.*

  6. Ben Z. says:

    We have laws that protect children from pedophilia.

    But people like Valerie Houghton and Dr. Mangiameli have found a way to circumvent these laws with fraud in the courtroom.

    If the sexual abuse of my children was properly addressed after I reported it, the custody matter would have ended. Instead, Ms. Houghton (a mandated reporter) opted to extort $80,000 in gold coins from my ex. She created an effortless revenue stream that lasts until all my kids turn 18. Who wants to go to jail?

    Once the protective parent gets cut out, it is almost impossible to get the authorities to act on your reports. Please see what Ms. Houghton posted to her personal blog shortly after I told her that my ex was allowing a man to rape our 13 year old son:

    I can’t get the police, District Attorney, or CPS to even investigate.

    And the psychologist, Dr. Mangiameli, pockets the extra money for shamelessly writing a fraudulent report.

    Now the judge who has a conflict (because of his friendship with Ms. Houghton) has an excuse to not order an emergency screening. I told him multiple times about my son, as well as the strong indications that my other children are also being abused. It falls on deaf ears.

    You can read about the conflict of interest here:

    and here

    I was recently able to contact my son because he turned 18. I told him to report it to the police. About a week and half later, the judge ON HIS OWN ACCORD filed an order that I could only have supervised visitation with my ADULT son. There was no hearing or motion filed.

    There is no one to complain to. The Commission on Judicial Performance won’t investigate and the 6th District Court of Appeals only backs the judge. He is not even accountable to the voter. The judge was appointed by the governor

    He has not had to get a single vote to stay in office because he always runs unopposed.

  7. Ben Z. says:

    Just by doing an online search, I have found at least 6 other children that Ms. Houghton has done this to.

    In one case, a child had reported sexual abuse. When the parent tried to protect her children, she lost all custody. The child’s attorney (Houghton) sought and received a restraining order against the protective parent. The protective parent was also ordered to receive therapy. It was stated in the order that the alleged abuse was not DISPROVED.

    In a subsequent case, 3 young girls were sexually abused. They were not able to take any action until after they turned 18.

    Valerie in her capacity as a therapist was the expert witness that derailed the protective parent’s efforts to protect the children.

    She’s been doing this for over 30 years. There have to be many, many more victims, but no one seems to care enough to prevent it from continuing.

  8. Ben Z. says:

    The Board of Supervisors of Santa Clara County, the entire District Attorney’s Office, many of the judges and the police have all of this info + more. They care more about Judge James Towery’s feelings than protecting children from being raped.

    It is government sponsored and sex trafficking. Even the news media has the info, but prefer to gaslight the taxpayer.

    You can view the complete list of recipients here:

  9. Ben Z. says:

    It is all a big switch-aroo. The judge pretends to act in the best interests of the children, but he is really just acting like a poker dealer, expecting to get a tip after each hand. This only works well if the lawyers keep coming back to the table to play.

    If the attorneys would have done something to protect my children, the custody matter would have been over. It should be noted that one of the attorneys said that it could take “years” to resolve. This was after the abuse was confirmed.

    On the flip side, now they can extort my ex until the kids turn 18. No one wants to go to jail.

    Everything that I learned about the law has turned out to be false. The law is not absolute. People in power get to decide who gets murdered and which children get sexually abused.

    They do it because THEY CAN. If there was some kind of repercussion, it would never be this way.

  10. Ben Z. says:

    I believe in equality. People should be able to do whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t harm other people. Civilized societies recognize this and pass laws that keep communities safe. That’s why we put people who sexually abuse children in prison.

    Lawyers and judges have figured out ways to circumvent the will of the community. They act as if the rest of us want to put a P at the end of LGBTQ. People like Judge Towery and Valerie Houghton simply do not recognize the damage that they inflict on children.

    They act as if they are infallible kings. It was like an insult to them when I tried to protect my children. Why else would they then involve my youngest daughter? Why have me prosecuted and assaulted? Wouldn’t a normal person just want to disassociate themselves by ordering an emergency screening?

  11. Ben Z. says:

    Normal people say, “Ewwww” when they hear about children getting raped. It is concerning when a judge has a different response to this.

    Judge Towery oversees hundreds of cases involving custody disputes.

    Towery once ordered a restraining order hearing to be put on calendar for MIDNIGHT. (see the order)

    When the mother could not attend because she could not get into the courthouse, this judge made a ruling by default. As a result, sole custody of her young son went to a JAILED man who was not the biological father and not listed on the birth certificate. The mother was completely cut out of the child’s life.

    The child went on to live the incarcerated man’s relative and was allegedly physically and sexually abused. (see pic)

    Someone posted this story in a video that I found youtube. They interviewed the attorney who represented the mother. Watch it here:

  12. Mike says:

    I think that female to male transgender people might be more dangerous than male to female.

    There is another case that Ms. Houghton was involved in.

    A parent witnessed an in-law sexually molesting his infant daughter. Before he could go to the police, he was served with a restraining order and POISONED. He pigmentation in his face and became diabetic from arsenic poisoning.

    See what happened to his face here:

    The man was also hacked, stalked, and prosecuted. The prosecution was initiated based on a false allegation of a restraining order violation. In the end, a lifetime restraining order was made against him.

    There is more info on his website here:

  13. Ben Z. says:

    Transgender folks shouldn’t be able to call gender identity discrimination card if you bring up any sexual abuse that they might be inflicting.

    I hope that Valerie Houghton starts realizing that she is wrong to do so.

    For anyone interested: I put together a new PDF that includes an account of what she did to my kids.

  14. Ben Z. says:

    I can understand that transgender people have been discriminated against. All people deserve to be treated with respect. But that doesn’t mean that we need to accept that people have a right to sexually abuse children by proxy. Don’t tell that to Valerie Houghton. It will only make her violently mad. She thinks that she can do “whatever I want, whenever I want”

    I really hope that she can change her ways. People in the community look up to her because she is a licensed marriage and family counselor. I have posted a new document here that argues the need to differentiate between transgender rights and pedophile rights. Read it here:

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