Pedophiles identifying as transgender is creating spike in so-called “female rapists”

Have you ever read a news story about a female pedophile or child molester? Not often, I’ll wager. That’s because it is incredibly rare for women to be pedophiles, for a wide range of reasons. But these days, there seems to be a sudden surge in women preying on children. Consider this story, from The Northern Echo:

A child sex offender blew the chance offered by a judge only last month. Just a week after being given the 15-month sentence, suspended for two years at Durham Crown Court, Marcia Walker came to the attention of staff at an Oxfam charity bookstore, as she was showing interest in mother and baby care books, portraying pictures of naked infants. Police were notified and visited Walker at the hostel into which she had moved following the transgender inmate’s release from Durham Prison.

Nicholas Hall, prosecuting, said a search revealed various books containing more photos of naked children, while secreted about her clothing were further images of youngsters, concentrating on their genital areas. Walker was arrested and made no comment.

Mr Hall said Walker was subject of an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) prohibiting her possessing indecent images of children as her past offences include gross indecency with a female child, two offences of raping a girl, plus possession and distribution of indecent images of children. Walker, 47, who was living in a hostel in Guildford, Surrey, last month, admitted breaching the SHPO.

Now in HMP High Down, in Surrey, she chose not to appear on the video link for the hearing at Durham. Fiona Lamb, mitigating, said Walker was protesting at being detained in a male prison when she is now female, as she cannot be brought into contact with male inmates, restricting her opportunity to take up activities.

The “she,” of course, is actually a “he.” There was not a female rapist on the loose who raped a girl—that was a male, who should be in a men’s prison. Understandably, this male pedophile does not want to be in a male prison, and has taken advantage of our society’s current insanity to identify as female, which the media, the government, and the prison system obediently defers to.

This isn’t a one-off example, either. A male pedophile identifying as female was released in Toronto—the police reported that “she” had sexually assaulted three girls and that “she” was at a high risk for reoffending. A child killer guilty of raping and murdering a 13-year-old girl has also decided to identify as transgender, and is now considered female. One convicted pedophile went as far as to attempt to identify as an 8-year-old girl to explain away his crimes.

And of course, the media and the politicians gravely call these child rapists and murderers by their referred pronouns.


3 thoughts on “Pedophiles identifying as transgender is creating spike in so-called “female rapists”

  1. Navi says:

    Female (non-transgender) child molesters absolutely do exist, and they’re found in every profession where they’re in a position of authority and have easy, unsupervised access to children. They can be just as harmful but victims are less likely to report the abuse or be taken seriously, with the predominant response being to tell them how lucky they are and ask how hot the rapist is.

  2. Messi says:

    People can vote presidents and political parties that will not give men womens rights and women mens rights that has caused and will cause severe harm especially to children and women. Those same liberal leaders are also taking your human rights away. Many people have already lost their jobs and even gotten jail sentence just for refusing to lie or for telling the truth.
    Still the more people that give away their rights without a fight the more they will take away from everyone.

    By dictionaries in USA, UK, Canada and every single country
    Woman = adult female human
    Man = adult male human

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