An abortion worker walked out of a clinic and handed this photo to a sidewalk counselor

Laura Klassen of Choice42 posted this photo to Facebook, writing that it was taken by an abortion worker in Raleigh, North Carolina in the A Woman’s Choice clinic. The worker handed it to a sidewalk counselor outside, staying that she was having nightmares “knowing babies–even ones this big–are murdered at her place of employment.” She hoped that by providing the photo to the sidewalk counselor, they could “do something about it.” Klassen wrote that the counselor who received the photo named the murdered baby Lorne.

Look at this photograph, and let the reality of what was done to this poor child sink in. This is what abortion is. This is what abortion does. Babies are being murdered behind closed doors, just outside our line of vision. These babies are worth fighting for.

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13 thoughts on “An abortion worker walked out of a clinic and handed this photo to a sidewalk counselor

  1. Dee Heimer says:

    Women preparing to abort their babies should have to see a sonogram of their child before undergoing the procedure. They should listen to the heartbeat and watch the baby move in the womb, so they cannot hide from the their choice to kill a living human being.

  2. alyssa says:

    If one sees a photo of this kind of battery & abuse to a 6month old baby or a 2 yr old child they’d be sick and calling it disgusting. Why’s this any different?

  3. Conor O'Riordan says:

    This is horrific but we must keep in mind that no matter what the size or form after conception it is still taking a life.

  4. Beau Hill says:

    Abortion should be abolished imediately and without exception. This is murder and needs investigated and treated just as any other homicide

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