San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus faces backlash after singing: “We’re coming for your children”

We are now at the stage of the sexual revolution where the winning side is willing to state, in explicit terms, what their true agenda is. Thus, one prominent LGBT activist noted, after Obergefell, that the goal was now to “punish the wicked”—Christians. LGBT content infuses school curriculums, Drag Queen Story Hour is the norm from libraries to daycares, and children’s TV shows from Blue’s Clues to Sesame Street push alternative lifestyles. And then there is this:

The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is facing a wave of backlash after offering up what it described as ironic humor about fears surrounding children and the “gay agenda.” The backlash came after the chorus posted a video in which members sang about indoctrinating children into being more concerned about “fairness” and “justice.”

“You think that we’ll corrupt your kids, if our agenda goes unchecked,” one of the members sings. “Funny, just this once, you’re correct.”

“We’ll convert your children. Happens bit by bit. Quietly and subtly. And you will barely notice it. You can keep them from disco. Warn about San Francisco. Make ’em wear pleated pants. We don’t care. We’ll convert your children. We’ll make them tolerant and fair.”

Later, the lyrics continue: “We’ll convert your children. Someone’s gotta teach them not to hate. We’re coming for them. We’re coming for your children. We’re coming for them. We’re coming for them. We’re coming for your children.

“Your children will care about,” the chorus adds, “fairness and justice for others. Your children will work to convert all their sisters and brothers. Then soon we’re almost certain, your kids will start converting you! The gay agenda is coming home. The gay agenda is here! But you don’t have to worry because there’s nothing wrong with standing by our side.”

The choir, of course, is claiming that that the backlash is entirely constructed by “far-right conservative media” and is merely “tongue-in-cheek humor,” but this is precisely what they believe. Sure, they usually don’t present it in such a creative manner, but this is behind the infiltration of public schools, cartoon networks, public library children’s programs, and everything else. In an increasingly post-Christian America, the sexual revolutionaries want the right to educate your children with their beliefs.

Increasingly, they’re doing it.

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