Exhibit A in the history of how the transgender movement domesticated the press

By Jonathon Van Maren

If one day on the other side of this madness, somebody wants to write a history of how the transgender movement domesticated the press, Exhibit A will be the way they leaped to obey each time a celebrity announced that he or she was switching genders and declared that they wanted to be addressed by the pronouns of the opposite sex.

There’s Ellen Page, who became Elliot Page overnight — “deadnaming,” or mentioning the name that everyone in the world knew the actress by until fifteen minutes ago, is considered cruel at best, and a crime at worst. The quirky female star of films like Juno is thus a “he,” and you are bigoted for asking questions.

This month, it is 29-year-old Tommy Dorfman, the actor who plays the gay character Ryan Shaver on the Netflix Show 13 Reasons Why. The show has already courted controversy for dramatizing and glorifying teen suicides — data showed a 28.9% increase in youth suicides after the show was released — and won awards for explicit LGBT content. Now, one of male stars is a female star.

At least, that’s what he says — and the media would like to assure you that this is a very real thing that we are all required to believe.


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