Embarrassing: Trudeau announces we are in a “she-cession” and need a “she-covery” (& other stories)

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In the Hamilton Spectator, a doctor pens a scathing condemnation of Justin Trudeau’s euthanasia regime. An excerpt:

As physician lead of our hospital MAID team, I am keenly aware that suffering does not compartmentalize into neat little boxes. Cumulative life distress fuels MAID requests. Introduced to help avoid painful deaths, MAID in Canada now risks enticing nondying disabled who are marginalized by sexism, racism, ageism or ableism with state-sanctioned death to escape painful lives.

Canada’s reckless MAID expansion has been abetted by disconcerting failures of due diligence. Through consultations on mental illness and dying, Canadian Psychiatric Association leadership never once raised concerns about mental illness related suicide risk or discussed suicide prevention. After giving assurances for a year that C-7 would safeguard against MAID for mental illness, the Liberal government reversed its commitment in February and less than a month later pushed C-7 through parliament.

Canada already spends less on community supports than European countries with liberal MAID laws, and providing death costs less than providing chronic care. Beyond direct health-care savings already calculated by Canada’s Parliamentary Budget Officer, providing MAID to marginalized disabled with decades to live eliminates the need to support dignified living in the community, saving further hundreds of millions of dollars.

Read the whole thing.


On the Canadian campaign trail, Conservative leader Erin O’Toole folded immediately after progressive writers (such as Justin Ling at Maclean’s) warned darkly that this could mean that O’Toole’s short-lived support for conscience rights means denying “healthcare” to “trans youth.”


Speaking of the Canadian election, Justin Trudeau is already embarrassing himself by inventing new woke words such as “she-cession,” which he insists with the sanctimony of a man who knows himself to be in possession of great virtue must turn into a “she-covery.” The reporter groped by this great feminist back in the day must feel so gratified to know that she took one for the team:


More soon.

One thought on “Embarrassing: Trudeau announces we are in a “she-cession” and need a “she-covery” (& other stories)

  1. Navi says:

    Refusing to treat people because they’re transgender would violate the human rights code and (hopefully) be grounds for discipline. That’s not what conscience rights are about. More on the mark would be a physician refusing to provide or refer a patient for puberty blockers, permanent sterilization, circumcision, lobotomy, sex-selective abortion, abortion for socioeconomic reasons, euthanasia, conversion therapy, a virginity test, or a hymen restoration surgery when it violates the physician’s conscience and she doesn’t consider it to be medically necessary. That is a basic human right and essential to the medical profession. It’s the procedure itself and the circumstances surrounding it, not the characteristics of the patient.

    And Erin O’Toole continues to be completely useless. Folded after a single day.

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