Abortionists make a living killing children for selfish men

By Jonathon Van Maren

There’s a reason that the abortion industry constantly uses slogans such as “no uterus, no opinion” — it’s to shut pro-life men up. They are, after all, happy to receive the support of pro-choice men, and are not above asking for it when they deem it convenient. When they say men should keep their mouths shut on this issue, they really mean those men who seek to stand up for pre-born children. Those men hurt their bottom line, and when women get fewer abortions, they make less money. 

It has often been my contention that the abortion debate needs more men, not less. If every man who got a woman pregnant swore to stand up for her and the child and support them through thick and thin, I believe the abortion rate would plummet overnight. Many women have abortions under pressure from bad men — the sort of men who need abortion to escape the consequences of their lifestyles. Abortion isn’t about a woman’s right to choose for them — it is about their right to choose. They want women to be sexually available to them without having children. 

To cite one example, NHL forward Evander Kane, who plays for the San Jose Sharks, is in court after being sued by former partner Hope Parker. Kane allegedly agreed to pay her $2 million to abort a baby they conceived together but changed his mind about the amount just before she gave him proof that she’d carried through. Allegedly, Kane’s two other children with Parker had also been aborted, with the hockey player paying her $125,000 to get the second abortion. For the third, Parker held out for millions. It would be a very expensive hit job, but the child’s father had promised to pay the mother to have the child killed. 



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