A man who assaulted a woman made the list of “female motivational speakers” (and other stories)

A roundup of news and interviews from around the interwebs.


In the National Post, Jonathan Kay explains why Canadian politics has become so insanely woke. Kay is not a conservative—he’s a pro-gay, pro-choice liberal. He only seems conservative to many because he hasn’t completely lost his mind and bought into each new iteration of the LGBT movement as it wipes out all boundaries.


In National Review, Dr. Michael New explains why so-called “tele-health” abortions pose significant risks to those taking abortion pills.


Late night host Bill Maher is increasingly recognizing that the Left has gone nuts. In a monologue explaining why Greg Gutfeld of Fox News is beating Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon in the ratings, he cited a simple reason: The Left is ridiculous. “Three-year-olds pick their own gender is an Onion headline,” Maher noted to nervous laughter. It should be, but it isn’t.


In the “Queering Of Everything” file, Ford has released a “Very Gay Raptor” rainbow truck. You know, so that you’re aware of how cool they are with the Ls, Gs, Bs, and Ts.


Over at The Critic, Olivia Hartley noted that men—or “transwomen,” as the lingo has it these days—keep on making it onto lists of women, including the Female Motivational Speaker’s Agency:

The fact that a couple of transwomen were included in a list of women hardly merits any attention, until I was alerted to the fact by Twitter user @MsHelenWatts that one of the transwomen seemed to be a male with a history of violence towards women. The Times reports that Kellie Maloney — formerly a boxing promoter called Frank — tried to strangle his then wife and quotes him as saying:  “I just lost it . . . I grabbed her and had my hands around her neck… If [my children] hadn’t come into the room . . . I dread to think what might have happened.”

So a man who has perpetrated violence against women is now an inspiring female motivational speaker. One really can do anything these days.


One of the reasons the trans revolution took off so swiftly was near-total fealty from the media. The BBC, for example, has been in turmoil over its decision to partner directly with activist groups. From The Express:

The broadcaster confirmed…it will continue to work with a diversity scheme run by LGBT+ charity Stonewall. This is despite other media organisations such as Ofcom, Channel 4, and even some Government departments cutting ties with the organisation. Stonewall’s Diversity Champions scheme was set up in 2001 and promotes diversity in the workplace, such as the use of personal pronouns at work or whether people who identify as transgender should get to use single-sex lavatories.

But Stonewall has also faced controversy after asking public bodies to ban the word “mother” from their maternity policies, by instead replacing it with “birthing parent” or “pregnant employee” as part of the scheme. Some senior presenters have now shared their concerns that the BBC could risk becoming impartial by following these rules.

One unnamed presenter told The Times: “Some of us are saying, ‘hang on, if we’re all being lectured about impartiality, and quite rightly so, why are we signed up to a scheme that is obviously partial?’”

Media regulator Ofcom said it would no longer work with the Stonewall scheme on Wednesday due to a “risk of perceived bias” and that “our responsibility is to ensure we remain impartial and independent at all times”. And the Cabinet Office, Government Equalities Office and Ministry of Justice have also cut ties after the charity faced backlash for reportedly issuing incorrect advice about transgender people.

It comes after the BBC issued new guidelines on bias for staff last year to “ensure the highest possible standards of impartiality across the organisation”…The BBC’s director-general Tim Davie previously warned staff over their use of social media in a bid to crackdown on bias. He said those wanting to be an “opinionated columnist or a partisan campaigner on social media” should not be working at the BBC.

The guidelines also tell all employees that they must “always behave professionally, treating others with respect and courtesy at all times: follow the BBC’s Values”. The BBC’s impartiality guidelines also say staff have also been warned to “be wary of ‘revealed bias'”…

Meanwhile, the BBC said that Stonewall was simply one of a number of organisations it works with on inclusion. It said: “The BBC acts independently in all aspects of our operations, from HR policy to editorial guidelines and content. We aim to be industry-leading on workforce inclusion and take advice from a range of external organisations, however, we make the final decision on policies or practices ourselves.”

Good on the BBC staff for pushing back on this—Stonewall is an incredibly radical organization dedicated to obliterating the boundaries around gender. Meanwhile, the BBC has caved to the trans agenda and obediently uses whichever pronouns are required, despite what their lying eyes might tell them.


More soon.

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