Pornhub host jokes about raping 13-year-old boy and says it should be legal

I say this regularly, and that’s because it’s true: Digital pornography is rotting our culture from the inside out. It is pervasive, and its impact is everywhere—but most people can ignore it, because most people use in private.

Fortunately, Pornhub has had a rough year, with nonstop scandals forcing them to delete millions of videos and fend off multiple lawsuits from victims who saw their rape and abuse streamed on Pornhub platforms. Pornhub hasn’t changed, though—it still mainstreams sexual violence, and abusing and degrading people is still fundamental to what it promotes.

As a reminder of how morally bankrupt Pornhub is, consider this story, from The Sun:

A sick interview has emerged of a Pornhub host claiming that sex with a 13-year-old boy wouldn’t be considered rape as he’d be lucky to sleep with her. Adult actress Asa Akira made the comments during an interview on a podcast in 2012 hosted by the controversial artist David Choe. In the shocking excerpt from the interview, Akira and Choe are explaining the moment they invite a young boy to join them in a jacuzzi while at a beach house.

“So we have this great house with this great Jacuzzi where we’re sitting from and we get a great view of these giant waves,” Choe says. “He’s 13-years-old. He’s psyched because he gets free Pepsi’s. His parents aren’t here.” Then Akira, a Pornhub ambassador, sickeningly states that she would have raped the boy.

“This 13-year-old I think I would,” she said. “He wasn’t necessarily an old-looking 13-year-old. You look at him and he’s definitely a child.” The group then move on to discuss whether the act would be considered statutory rape.

“That shouldn’t be considered statutory rape and like it’s consensual,” Choe says. “Is there anyone that has a problem with that? There’s not one person that would think that’s abuse and would just think how lucky that kid is.” That horrifying part of the interview ends with Akira exclaiming: “No, that definitely, no one would consider that rape, except maybe his mom.

Not just his mom. There are plenty of us who realize that regardless of how much porn has deformed the minds of millions, rape is rape. As Laila Mickelwait, a campaigner against Pornhub, noted: “Asa Akira, the longtime official Brand Ambassador for Pornhub represents the brand of Pornhub perfectly in this video as she makes it apparent that she has a disdain and disregard for laws that protect children from rape, in her willingness to abuse a 13-year-old child, and her belief that she would never get caught.”

For those of you struggling with porn addiction, listen to this interview on how to get free:


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