Abortion isn’t “healthcare.” It’s murder.

By Jonathon Van Maren

As abortion activists foam at the mouth over the Texas Heartbeat Act, we are once again being treated to a round of all-caps insistence that “abortion is healthcare!” Many Twitter accounts are even tweeting out a dozen or so iterations of this statement stacked atop one another, as if this is an effective way of budging the unconvinced. And nowhere, of course, is there any actual discussion about what abortion is. If it is just healthcare, after all, then why are people so exercised about it? 

Most critiques of pro-lifers have been asinine and have again entirely avoided the point.  For example, at the online magazine The Bulwark, American journalist Jonathan V. Last barbled on a bit about the pandemic, conflated unrelated issues that progressives like to file under the label “pro-life” to avoid talking about abortion, and then insisted that most pro-life activists simply want to control women’s bodies. 

The NARAL talking points rather give it away, don’t they? I’ve met thousands of pro-lifers from around the world, and although I’ve had fierce disagreements with some, I’ve never met a single one motivated by wanting to control women’s bodies. 

This is the sort of thing that abortion activists and their allies desperately want to be true because, again, it allows them to ignore the real motives of pro-lifers—that we oppose the cruel and violent physical destruction of developing human beings in the womb—and allows them to make sweet memes about The Resistance and A Handmaid’s Tale. 

Spoiler Alert: The ones killing babies in this story are not the good guys, no matter how many times you throw the word “patriarchy” around. 

The reality is that the abortion industry is a horror show from start to finish. Baby girls are killed because they are girls. Skulls are crushed, limbs twisted off, body parts kept intact for experimentation. Abortion stories are never happy, no matter how hard the media attempts to paint a clown-face on the hard-edged tragedies of our post-sexual revolution culture. There is always grief, anger, tears, and always, always dead children. 


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