50-year-old man competes as woman against little girls–and uses their changeroom (& other stories)

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It’s 2023, and men are better women than women are: “Males Seize Gold and Silver At Women’s Cycling Championship In Illinois.”


This story, unfolding in Texas, will likely have ramifications that ripple for years: “Texas Supreme Court temporarily blocks woman from getting emergency abortion.” An excerpt:

The Texas Supreme Court temporarily stopped a pregnant woman from obtaining an emergency abortion on Friday, shortly after the state’s attorney general requested the block. The legal battle is a major test case since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the nationwide constitutional right to abortion last year, enabling states like Texas to pass near complete bans.

The Texas court halted a lower court ruling allowing the emergency abortion, responding to a petition from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton earlier in the day. “Without regard to the merits, the Court administratively stays the district court’s Dec. 7, 2023, order,” the late Friday ruling said.

The woman, 31-year-old Kate Cox of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, sought court authorization for the abortion because her fetus was diagnosed on Nov. 27 with trisomy 18 — a genetic abnormality that usually results in miscarriage, stillbirth or death soon after birth.

Paxton’s request states that the pre-born child’s life is valuable and is protected under Texas law. Lawyers for Cox claim that it is a matter of “justice” for her to be allowed to abort her disabled child. This is what I’ve referred to elsewhere as “compassionate eugenics”—the idea that it is cruel not to kill children with life-limiting circumstances in the womb.

For those interested, I interviewed Vicky Wall, an Irish pro-life activist who lost her daughter to Trisomy 18, last year. She does amazing work helping parents through the process and emphasizing that these little sons and daughters are also precious. Her organization is called “Every Life Counts.”


Parents: How much more evidence do you need? Don’t give your kids a smartphone: “‘Concerning’: Excessive Screen Time Linked to Lower Cognitive Function.”


Even when reporting on the insanity of transgender policy, the press has to use the officially-approved falsehoods. Consider this story, from the Toronto Sun:

Girls from age eight to 16 in a Swimming Canada-sanctioned swim meet in Barrie last week not only found themselves in the same pool as a transgender female swimmer [sic] but in the same changeroom, too.  Parents confirmed that the person in question changed in and out of a swimsuit in the women’s locker room at the East Bayfield Community Centre during the Dec. 1 Trojan Cup.

“The girls were terrified,” said one parent of a child involved. And mortified. From the changing area, where parents put up makeshift towel-tenting apparatus so no one could see their daughters and they could not see the person with male anatomy changing with them, they got into the pool to race against this 50-year-old who was competing in several categories. The whole thing is gross. “It’s all so confusing for the kids,” said one parent. “No one is comfortable. Everybody is accepting of all people but them swimming against our kids and being in the locker room with them is not appropriate.”

By “transgender woman,” the Sun means that a fully grown man is not only in the changerooms with little girls, but competing against them. Reminder: This policy is endorsed not only by the Trudeau government, but by nearly the entire political class.


As per CNN, France continues to move towards becoming the world’s only country to formally declare abortion a constitutional right: “‘It was a wake-up call’: After Roe v. Wade, French lawmakers seek to enshrine abortion rights.” Support stretches across party lines.


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One thought on “50-year-old man competes as woman against little girls–and uses their changeroom (& other stories)

  1. Navi says:

    First things first, Trisomy 18 is not “incompatible with life”. While babies with a poor prognosis still deserve not to be killed, Bella Santorum has lived for 15 years with the condition. With suitable medical care, many others would survive infancy. A good summary here:


    The purpose of the case is obviously to poke holes into Texas’s strong pro-life laws so that the exceptions allowed become broader and less well-defined until eventually, the whole thing becomes unworkable and abortion is merely a matter of asking one’s doctor. This is partly how abortion enthusiasts got rid of Canada’s abortion laws. And if it doesn’t go their way in court, they still get a good publicity stunt out of it. While what they really want is another Savita Halappanavar, they’ve not been able to get one even though we’re 18 months into Dobbs. But here, at least they have a good white woman willing to plaster her face across the media and cry into the camera (a totally normal thing to do when you have an abortion at 20+ weeks).

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