Female inmates may face extra jailtime if they “misgender” transgender convicts

By Jonathon Van Maren

Many commentators have noted the insanity of gender ideology; fewer, however, have noted the cruelty of transgender policy in practice. One example of this is the fact that male criminals — many of them violent and dangerous — are increasingly identifying as female in order to get sent to women’s prisons. Vulnerable female inmates are finding themselves locked behind bars with rapists and lady killers.

As a result, desperate female inmates have attempted to call attention to their predicament. One woman says she was raped by a man pretending to be a woman — the rapist was in prison for murder. Prison officials demanded she retract her claim, recorded it as consensual sex, and then penalized the victim for filing a false rape claim. The rapist’s lawyer claimed he was a victim of transphobia.

In another instance, a California convict imprisoned for murdering infants claimed to be transgender and was successfully transferred to the female prison where the very women whose children he had killed were housed. An Illinois inmate alleges she was raped in prison by a man claiming to be a woman. In Canada, in fact, a prisoner who raped, tortured, and murdered a 13-year-old girl decided to identify as a woman and promptly got himself transferred to a female prison.

Despite these horrifying facts, few media outlets outside of conservative outlets have bothered to report on them. The complaints of women locked up with male murderers and rapists are largely ignored. And now, an unbelievably sadistic decision in the United Kingdom is being reported on by The Telegraph: Women who call the transgender convicts who end up in their prisons by male pronouns could actually get extra time in jail.


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