Female prisoners–and staff–are being sexually assaulted by biologically male transgender convicts

By Jonathon Van Maren

Ever since the transgender phenomenon has gripped the minds of the elites, female inmates in the prison system have been in danger.

A female prisoner in Illinois alleges that a “transgender woman” — a male — raped her in prison. Justin Trudeau’s trans policies have resulted in women being locked up with male sex offenders and killers. In fact, a man who raped, tortured, and murdered a 13-year-old girl decided to identify as a female and get himself transferred to a female prison in Canada. In the U.K., prisoners are reportedly identifying as transgender to get a cushier time in prison. And there are many other examples that could be cited.

Not a single one of the prominent pro-LGBT leaders obediently following the dictates of the LGBT movement has ever addressed any of these crimes, and to even point out that male prisoners are identifying as female to both get out of male prisons and to get locked in with a vulnerable female population is to immediately be condemned as a transphobe. This is the only response left to those who have implemented policies that are an utter failure — and worse, have resulted in women being raped and abused, just as opponents of these policies warned.


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