Texas pushes back against trans activists, Guatemala joins pro-life declaration (& other stories)

A roundup of news and commentary from around the interwebs.


In good news, a radical euthanasia bill in New South Wales, Australia, has been temporarily stopped. It is the only state in Australia where euthanasia is still illegal.


In more good news, Guatemala has joined the pro-life Geneva Declaration. From C-Fam:

The President of Guatemala has added his country to the Geneva Consensus Declaration despite ongoing attempts of the Biden administration to harm the historic international pro-life agreement initiated by the Trump administration.

“Every person has the right that their life be respected from the moment of conception until natural death,” said Guatemalan president Alejandro Giammattei.

In his address joining the declaration, Giammattei said attempts to declare abortion as an international right are “absurd and without any foundation in law, science or philosophy” and that abortion was in fact the “denial of authentic human rights.” He added that when international mechanisms try to impose obligations pertaining to abortion they engaged in unlawful “interference in the internal affairs of states.”

Read the whole thing.


Texas has passed a law requiring athletes to play on teams or leagues that match their sex:

“If the bill becomes law, Texas would be the eighth state to add such protections for women’s sports,” The Daily Wire reported. “The bill, HB 25, passed the state House after a preliminary approval vote of 76-54 and an identical official final vote following 10 hours of debate on the issue. One of the major supporters and authors of the bill, Republican Representative Valoree Swanson, argued on Thursday that passing the bill was a matter of both fairness and recognizing biological differences between men and women.”

The backlash to the transgender revolution continues. Read the whole thing.


Margaret Atwood, the woman who wrote A Handmaid’s Tale, has joined J.K. Rowling in the ranks of the TERF. She recently tweeted an editorial in the Toronto Star asking the very reasonable question: “Why can’t we say ‘woman’ anymore?” The answer, of course, is that men in drag identifying as women have hijacked feminism, but few dare to say so. Atwood, a hero to progressives, is now facing the same backlash that Rowling did. It is a bit amusing to watch feminists get attacked for being feminist. The Left is eating itself.


For the thousandth time: If your kids are in public school, pull them out. Here’s a story from the Post Millennial revealing how Canadian schools hide the new “transgender identities” of children from their parents. These so-called educators introduce these ideas, cultivate them, bring them to fruition—and cut the parents out. It is incredibly dangerous.


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