SNL debuts “abortion clown” in an attempt to make abortion funny (and other stories)

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While China’s military tests extraordinary new weapons, America’s descent into wokeness continues with the christening of a new Navy ship. The new naval ship has been dubbed the “Harvey Milk,” after the San Francisco gay rights leader who had a sexual relationship with an underage boy. Milk was, by definition, a statutory rapist. But because he is part of the new American pantheon of historical figures who began the great transition, he has not been cancelled. Far from it—he is celebrated as an icon, with most news articles on his latest honor referring to his “assassination” as if it had something to do with his LGBT activism (it didn’t.) New times call for new heroes.


Patrick Deneen, Adrian Vermeule, and several others have begun a new Substack titled The Postliberal Order to lend an intellectual and legal framework to their developing political theory on what must follow the collapse of liberalism. Whatever you think of these scholars, their work is essential to understanding whatever comes next. (For those interested, I interviewed Deneen on his book Why Liberalism Failed a couple of years ago.)


Young Canadians are losing faith in the institution of marriage, and Peter Jon Mitchell explains why over at The Hub.


When I first saw the video of the Microsoft employees not only stating their pronouns, but their racial identities and hairstyles, I thought it was fake—a Babylon Bee-type thing. But nope, it’s actually real. If this actually becomes the new normal, we’re all either going to live in some postmodern version of the Capital in The Hunger Games or the backlash is going to ensure that wokeness is the death of the Left:


Progressives are grasping at straws in their efforts to stymie the pro-life movement’s ongoing political success, and Saturday Night Live’s latest sketch is perfect evidence of that. In an unfunny skit that is more pathetic than grotesque, SNL has a clown tell her abortion story. The majority of Americans—including pro-choice Americans—find abortion to be a tragedy. That’s why the so-called “abortion comedies” produced by Hollywood have flopped so badly. This won’t work. Nobody thinks abortion is funny.


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2 thoughts on “SNL debuts “abortion clown” in an attempt to make abortion funny (and other stories)

  1. Chris Nielson says:

    This SNL skit is worthy of a facepalm! What ever happened to Ed Grimly, Pat, Simon, The Church Lady, Wayne and Garth, The copy guy and the like? They were funny, this is stupid and downright sick!

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