Germans seeking assisted suicide must be double-vaccinated against COVID-19 (and other stories)

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After immolating their party with infighting, anti-Semitism, and attacking their own now-departed leader Annamie Paul (touted at the first black leader of the party before she was attacked by Greens who apparently felt she wasn’t fringe enough), the Canadian Green Party is attempting to make the case that history has been made again—this time with the astrophysicist Amita Kuttner, who is both interim leader and—wait for it—nonbinary. Nobody can articulate quite what being nonbinary is, mind you, but never mind. This is apparently a big deal. Bigger than what they did to their last minority leader.


Remember all those stories about female prison inmates being sexually assaulted by biological males identifying as transgender in order to be transferred to women’s jails? Here’s the headline that LGBTQ Nation gave that story: “TERF inmates sue California for placing transgender women in female prisons.” In other words, if you’re a vulnerable woman behind bars and don’t want to be locked up with a sexual predator who identifies as female, you can expect to be smeared by LGBT activists. Your rights have been superseded, and you need to shut up and take what comes.


At the Common Sense Substack, Mike Solana explains why Twitter is about to get a lot worse with Jack Dorsey’s departure as CEO. Despite Dorsey’s faults, he actually believed in freedom of speech. The next guy is likely to initiative the crackdown that Dorsey was holding off.


In a perfect example of Western culture’s weird vitalism and concurrent love with radical autonomy, Germany is requiring people who would like to commit assisted suicide to be double-vaccinated against COVID-19 before they can get a lethal injection.


More evidence of how children are being destroyed by transgender treatments is being revealed. This story from Sweden, for example, describes how after four years on puberty blockers “Leo” hasn’t grown, has developed osteopenia, spinal fractures, and lives in constant pain. He is one of twelve children in Stockholm with “healthcare-acquired injuries” from taking blockers.


Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire has written a children’s book on a boy who identifies as a walrus to both troll the transgender movement as well as make an important point about their descent into insanity. In classic Walsh style, he has begun to identify as a “beloved children’s author” on Twitter.


Princeton University is now providing sex toys to its students to facilitate…stuff. Rod Dreher, predictably, had stuff to say:

I know it makes me out to be an old coot, but so what: is this what the American elite has become? Do people send their kids to Princeton (tuition, room, board, fees: $74,190) to have the university’s agents encourage them to lick each other’s butts? Because that’s what’s happening.

This really is a tell. The US ruling class is increasingly degenerate, don’t you think? It’s not that butt-licking and other perversions were unknown prior to today. It’s that one of the most important universities in the world is now encouraging what one imagines are among the most intelligent students in the world to amuse themselves by licking each other’s butts, and offers to provide them with the set-ups to do so.

This will not appear surprising to anyone who has read Nathan Harden’s 2012 memoir God and Sex at Yale. The Ivy League institutions are not, as they say, what they used to be.


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  1. Navi says:

    It would be interesting to see where everyone would come down if some state proposed requiring the vaccine to get an abortion.

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