Medical board concludes pro-trans doctor’s online harassment of critics ‘amounted to misconduct’

By Jonathon Van Maren

As the transgender movement faces increasing pushback not only from the Right but from feminists, liberals, and even prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins, the vitriol of trans activists is reaching a fever pitch. J.K. Rowling has faced both death threats and doxing; trans activists frequently threaten violence to “TERFS” (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) on social media; and vocal critics of gender ideology often face what one recipient referred to as “terror campaigns.”

I wrote an extensive profile of several of the conservative women being targeted by gender activists recently in The European Conservative, and now more details of one doctor’s involvement in these campaigns is being revealed. Thirty-one-year-old Dr. Adrian Harrop, an associate general practitioner at the Brownlow Health Central in Liverpool, has been exposed before a medical tribunal as a serial harasser who utilized social media to “identify and potentially target individuals for online and even real-world abuse,” as the Daily Mail put it.

Those of us involved in this debate online have known for years that Harrop is a particularly pernicious bully, although some of the details of his harassment still cannot be published. But the Mail is now publishing many facts hitherto unavailable to the public, including the fact that he has demanded that female critics of his views get off social media; has disparaged them in vile terms; posted about their children and the location of their school online; and even given hints as to where they live. The intent of these online attacks, it has been established, was to drive opponents of trans ideology offline and out of the debate.

In fact, Harrop used the threat of doxing to silence his critics, telling one that he would only cease posting her name and professional details online if she left Twitter. At one point, he explicitly told a critic that he did not want her to “feel safe or welcome here,” noting: “A simple solution here…Delete your profile and remove yourself and I’ll remove all tweets with references to your name.” Dr. Harrop also insinuated that his ideological opponents had health problems despite not having information to prove this.


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