New stats show only 18% of American homes are married families with kids

By Jonathon Van Maren

One of the best pieces of evidence for the fact that progressives care more about the tenets of the sexual revolution than the wellbeing of the masses is the fact that the resolutely refuse to face the glaring problem of family breakdown. The condition of someone’s family is one of the most useful sociological predictors of their success or lack thereof, but for the most part, progressives prefer to talk about other things – race, sexual identity, or some other minority status. The oppressed versus oppressive narrative must be maintained.

This is not to say that there are no connections between racial injustice and family breakdown. There is – and in the case of residential schools in Canada, that family breakdown was mandated and enforced by the state. It is to say that the best privilege one can be blest with is to have a mother and father who stay married, love one another, and create a home for their children. I believe I have been privileged above the majority of people in the society in which I live simply because that is something I received.

Consider, then, the recent news that a staggering news that of 130 million households in the United States, a mere 17.8% contain married parents with children – a drop, according to the Census Bureau, from over 40% in 1970. These numbers mean that increasingly, the United States is in almost every way a functionally different country than it was less than a half-century ago. The way humans have lived for generations is disappearing.


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