MP Leslyn Lewis defends crisis pregnancy centres against Justin Trudeau

It looks like we’re going to be heading into a Conservative Party leadership race, and so I thought I’d share this clip of MP Leslyn Lewis’s maiden speech earlier this week. Myself, I think the Conservative Party could use a new look. How about you?

Here’s the whole speech:



One thought on “MP Leslyn Lewis defends crisis pregnancy centres against Justin Trudeau

  1. Navi says:

    Really a remarkable woman, and she’s exactly what the pro-life movement needs. Having a leader like her on the national stage will open the Overton Window and make Canadians give the abortion issue another look. Unfortunately, someone that can’t speak French has no chance of winning a leadership race. It will probably be a career politician like the New and Improved Pro-abortion Peter Poilievre, who Justin Trudeau will use as evidence the Conservative Party has a hidden pro-life agenda because he used to be pro-life and because at least one Conservative MP will vote against some abortion bill that he puts out. I hope I’m wrong, and Leslyn Lewis did punch well above her weight in the last leadership race (I didn’t realize that she won the popular vote in the second round).

    Also, crisis pregnancy centres do not receive funding from the government (so nobody is trying to defund them). Rather, they are exempt from paying taxes because they are charities. Justin Trudeau has threatened to remove this tax exempt status. Hopefully it turns out to be an empty threat, but I can see him pulling it out the next time he wants to use abortion as a wedge election issue (see above).

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