Apple’s ‘pregnant man’ emoji shows just how much trans activists are reconstructing our culture

By Jonathon Van Maren

Sometimes small things are big indicators. Take, for example, one of the latest additions to the Apple emoji factory: In addition to a “gender-neutral pregnant person” (enjoy figuring out that phrase), the new choices include a graphic of a “pregnant man”. At least, that’s what we’re informed it is. It could also just be a dude wearing a blue shirt stretched over his beer belly, which would a) make way more sense and b) would have been people’s first guess like five years ago.

This is obviously a profoundly stupid story that could be written off as another culture war tempest-in-teapot — or even trolling from leftist Silicon Valley types disgruntled by the idea of people losing their minds over an emoji of a fat guy. But unfortunately, this story is just another indicator of how society is transforming around us, bit by bit.

The culture around us reflects what our society sees as reality, and increasingly, that culture is being reconstructed — transitioned, if you will — in the image of trans activists. I’ve been offered all sorts of options on “select gender” menus while filling out various forms recently — even on government forms. (I’ve wondered if I can select the “prefer not to say” option just to mess with them. I’d prefer not to say all sorts of things with the government.)

We now have children’s shows from Blue’s Clues to Spongebob Squarepants featuring trans characters (including, I kid you not, a post-op beaver cartoon character that had a double-mastectomy); cereal boxes for kids teaching them about preferred pronouns; public school lessons on choosing your gender; drag queens reading stories to toddlers; adults insisting that children are entitled to block puberty.

And on the whole “pregnant man” front, we’ve seen an entire media cottage industry dedicated to human interest stories plugging the nonsensical idea that males can get pregnant in order to get us used to the idea. You see, those of us who grew up in a society slightly less insane than this one won’t be persuaded by much of this (unless we’re as detached from reality as, say, Joe Biden) — but the next generation is growing up increasingly seeing this as actual reality.

Why would kids see transgender ideology as normal? They’ve got transgender cartoons, an entire summer month dedicated to LGBT issues, they’re taught this stuff in schools, the public libraries are packed with books and programming dedicated to transgenderism, and YouTube is chock full of young transgender child celebrities. Being trans is downright popular. Believing in the “binary” is what’s increasingly abnormal.

So when the news breaks that there will now be an emoji option featuring a “pregnant man,” don’t be so sure that it is just another stupid virtue-signal from the Silicon Valley types. It is one more small but significant indicator that the culture transforming around us is accepting concepts that every previous generation would have found unimaginable — but that our children are growing up with as the new normal.

One thought on “Apple’s ‘pregnant man’ emoji shows just how much trans activists are reconstructing our culture

  1. Jean says:

    The world has always been a scary place, filled with vio0lence, famine, war etc. But now it is scary on a whole different level.
    Whilst I understand about some babies being born who have part male, part female sex organs and they have to decide who they ‘feel’ more like as they grow older, thqat is pretty obvious ‘something gone wrong’. And I do realise that there are LGBTQ people…I know some of them. I am not against them. I don;’t suppose they can helpt the way they are, at least in many cases. However, I really worry that small/young children are being kind of indoctrinated and will end up, a lot of them, really muddled.
    I would also really like to know what actuallly makes someone, for example, ‘feel’ like a woman or a man or neither..or indeed, feel like one or the other on different days! Not to mention all the other ‘identities’. I am a woman and I ‘feel’ like a woman…sometimes I do think it would be handy though to be able to urinate like a man behind a bush though! But weirdly, I’d HATE to be a man. And I can;t really imagine what it would be like. At least in the western world I think life must be awful for men. They often do awful jobs, plus they don’t have the sheer delight of a baby growing in the womb and giving birth. Plus, what a pain, having to shave every day!
    Anyway, what makes someone feel male or female or heterosexual or ‘gay’ etc? Is it hormones, chemicals, brain construction, …possibly also life experiences? I did read somewhere a while ago that (it was something like this, but I don’t recall details) that when they scanned lesbians’ brains, part of the front of their brain was bigger than the other side. If it is something physical like that kind of thing, then that is just the way they are. But what if it’s psychological? If so, it’s a huge pity that young people embark on puberty blockers, and later surgery to change to the gender they feel like. Because it seems it’s pretty irreversible once they’ve made the final decision.
    I grew up not olearning or really knowing about this kind of thing, but as I grew into my teens I became aware of it. Seemed odd to me, but I accepted that some people were ‘different’. I certainly wouldn’t have mocked, bullied or insulted people and was absolutely horrified at the way ‘gays’ were treated by officialdom and ordinary people in the past. But I do wonder if now, in order to redress things, that everything is gertting out of hand.
    What with all that’s going on and world events, plus modern tecnology, I really do think that we are getting very near What is predicted in the |Bible and Christ’s return.

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