You won’t believe the graphic advice ‘trans’ activists are giving your sons

By Jonathon Van Maren

For the past several years, I’ve been covering the rise of a new industry dedicated to producing transgender accessories for children. In this space, I’ve noted the ongoing mainstreaming of “binders,” which flatten healthy breasts, cause many complications, and are presented as a lifesaving way for girls to disguise themselves as boys. There’s also “packers,” which are essentially small plastic penises that girls can place in their underwear to “pass” as boys. The more expensive and sophisticated packers theoretically allow girls to urinate standing up.

The reason I write on all of this, by the way, is because those producing these products also work hard to get them to kids without their parents’ knowledge. Some kids are even crowdfunding their hormone “treatments” and sex-change surgeries. Children order binders and packers with credit cards and get them mailed in disguised packages after being told how to do so by transgender YouTube influencers that they’ve been watching without parental knowledge. This information is unfortunately relevant to many parents who do not realize it yet.

“Packers” are what little girls use to present as male (and consider what a twisted mind it takes to think of this vile product). So, what of boys who want to identify as girls? The Doernbecher Children’s Hospital—take note, children’s hospital—in Portland, Oregon has now produced a detailed guide on “tucking,” as well as advice on where transgender products can be purchased. Here are some excerpts from their guide, which was posted to Twitter by Libs of Tik Tok:

Tucking is moving the penis, testicles, or both out of the way. This makes the genital area look smoother or flatter. Tucking can reduce any concerns you have about your body, how your clothes fit and how safe you feel in public. Both genders can tuck.

Remember, this information is directed at children on how to disguise themselves as the opposite gender. If a boy is uncomfortable with his penis or is experiencing gender dysphoria, the advice here is to tuck his penis and his testicles between his legs to hide them rather than get comfortable in his own body. Here is some of the hospital’s practical advice:

There are two main ways to tuck: with tape and without. You might find that simply wearing tight underwear smooths things out enough. Or you might want to use tape for as smooth a look as possible.

[Taping] is more secure. Your tuck is less likely to come undone. But you have a higher risk of skin irritation. It is also harder to use the bathroom because you need to take off the tape and then reapply it. We recommend trying the methods without tape first, as they are the most gentle and convenient.

The next section of the guide is called “putting your testicles inside your body,” and it comes complete with diagrams, which you can view at your discretion.


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