Former stripper who brags about her abortion is running for US Congress as a Democrat

By Jonathon Van Maren

If Alexandra Hunt has her way, the Squad will soon have a new member in the U.S. Congress. On her campaign website, the candidate running for the Democratic nomination in a Philadelphia district says she is “a public health researcher, a girls’ soccer coach, an advocate for social, radical, economic, and environmental justice, and an organizer for the 3rd district of Pennsylvania…running for Congress on a progressive platform because she believes our politicians should fight for systematic change, ensuring equal opportunity and justice for all.”

She’s also utilizing her political platform to “shout her abortion” and talks openly about her previous career as a part-time stripper in college.

In her campaign video “Shadows,” she stands in front of a wall filled with pictures of women wearing t-shirts reading “Shout Your Abortion,” as well as a framed picture reading “Shout Your Abortion” and “This is Not a Debate.” Hunt wants to join politics for the little guy, her video makes clear – just not the littlest guys. Their right not to be killed is not a debate, and their demise can be shouted with triumph and defiance.

In a video posted on May 25, she explained why she chose to abort her pre-born child at Planned Parenthood. “When I was 18, I was part of the 2% of people who can get pregnant on birth control and I found out I was pregnant,” she said. “And I decided that I was not ready to bring a child in this world and I decided to get an abortion…I as a person was not ready to bring a child into this world, but also the world was not in a state—and is not, 10 years later, is not in a state—that I wanted to bring a child into yet, which is my decision to make.”

Among the reasons Hunt listed for her abortion were the “student debt crisis, the climate emergency” and “the prison-industrial complex.” She did not say how much of a transformation America would have to undergo before she feels comfortable carrying a child to term, saying simply: “I wanted to offer my child better.” She did not seem concerned with offering her child something better than abortion, but claimed that her choice “was made with a lot of love.” She clarified in a December tweet that having “an abortion enabled me to progress in a career,” as well.


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