“Sex play” for children aged 5+ cancelled in the UK after backlash

Plenty of liberals and leftists alike have spent the past few months scoffing at conservatives for sounding the alarm on the sexualization of children, insisting that legislation protecting children such as the Parental Rights in Education Bill are merely Trojan horses for homophobia. The mainstream media has done their best to assist the LGBT movement in this regard, adopting the name “Don’t Say Gay” for the bill and even tracking down and doxxing the woman who runs Libs of TikTok, a Twitter account that regular posts videos of educators detailing how they convey their LGBT values to kids (these videos, it must be pointed out, are publicly posted by the teachers themselves.)

But the reality is that there is an ongoing campaign to introduce children to sexually explicit material and indoctrinate them in the LGBT worldview. I could link hundreds of articles here; just scroll through this blog for a few minutes and you’ll see plenty of stories. Generally, however, we only hear about this stuff when parents start to protest. Like with this story out of the UK for GB News:

A sex play advertised for families and “children aged 5 plus” has been cancelled after the venue received “unprecedented threats and abuse”.

“The Family Sex Show” that was described by Cambridge-based theatre company ThisEgg as “an alternative to porn” was due to be performed at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory in May.

But after receiving thousands of complaints, coupled with threats to its staff, the venue has now decided to cancel the show. In a statement, the Tobacco Factory said: “Performances of The Family Sex Show by ThisEgg at Tobacco Factory Theatres have been cancelled.

“This is due to the unprecedented threats and abuse directed at our building and team.”

A petition, which has now garnered more than 38,000 signatures, had hit out at the show. The petition read: “Children should not be de-desensitised to the sight of naked adult bodies or introduced to topics surrounding adult sexual pleasure which this production promotes and celebrates.

“This is nothing more than a blatant and extremely concerning attempt to sexualise children prematurely and is abusive. The show aims to break down children’s natural boundaries and expose them to content they are not sufficiently mature enough to handle.”

It adds that the explicit show is funded by the Arts Council, which is in turn funded by taxpayers and National Lottery money. Political activist and actor Laurence Fox encouraged followers on Twitter to sign the petition, saying: “It’s wrong for five-year-old children to watch naked strangers on stage. Take them to the Lion King instead.”

While Susan Glaholm, a social worker in mental health and child protection, also expressed her concerns, noting: “I am compelled to say there is something seriously wrong in our society and culture if we accept that this is appropriate for young children to experience.”

Does this sound insane to you? It should. And for those of you who think that it is hysterical to warn that this is about the sexualization, perhaps you should read up on the Paedophile Information Exchange–an organization that operated openly in the United Kingdom for a decade and whose organizers were interviewed on the BBC. It was because of the work of social conservative campaigner Mary Whitehouse and her legions of supporters that the Children Act was passed in 1989, granting children formal protection from predation.

There’s a lesson to be learned there. We must push back whenever and wherever we see these attempts, and we must be fierce and unapologetic about it.

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