Van Maren & Lawton: Should overturning Roe v. Wade matter to Canadians?


One thought on “Van Maren & Lawton: Should overturning Roe v. Wade matter to Canadians?

  1. Navi says:

    It will serve as a beacon of hope for pro-life advocates around the world, concrete proof that the abortion movement is not inevitable. People naturally like to be on the right side of history and don’t like to support the losing side. That brought a lot of abortion grays in Ireland into the Yes camp when the vote was held. A historic and decisive victory for the pro-life camp would destroy the myth of pro-choice invincibility, which terrifies the international abortion lobby.

    In terms of Canada, sadly I think the only impact will be spurring Justin Trudeau to push through his bill to make Canada’s abortion policies even more backwards than they already are. This will mean creating his own version of the Ministry of Truth (specializing in abortion), forcing New Brunswick to fund the private abortion clinic, and taxing pro-life charities that provide free help to pregnant women. It will face only token opposition from the other parties, as the Conservative caucus has far more Pierre Poilievres than Leslyn Lewises. He’ll drop it either during the Conservative leadership race or immediately afterwards. Leftist provincial parties will try something similar, though this will be impotent as voters already know the provincial parties won’t put forward even mild limits on abortion.

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