Parents are pushing back against drag shows for kids. Let’s not screw it up.

By Jonathon Van Maren

When Pride Month kicked off in Dallas, Texas with an event titled “Drag your kids to Pride,” which featured provocatively-clad drag queens strutting their stuff for children, something unexpected happened.

Over the past few years, these drag shows targeted at children have, unfortunately, become something of a norm—in fact, Drag Queen Storytime has triggered an entire discussion on the Right about how conservatives should be responding to the growing tidal wave of cultural perversion. What was unexpected was the fact that people started pushing back.

Just as parents have been showing up at school board meetings to demand answers, protestors gathered outside the event and demanded answers from the drag queens as they exited their children’s show. One carried a sign that summed up the position of millions of average Americans: “Stop grooming kids.”

The group sponsoring the protest, Protect Texas Kids, plans to continue calling out those who believe sexualized entertainment is appropriate for kids.

According to video posted online by Ian Miles Cheong, a similar scene unfolded at a Drag Queen Story Hour Event in San Francisco where, according to Cheong, “two men called out an alleged pedophile who had YouTube videos talking about child sexuality.” (The “alleged” is important here—although several drag queen readers have been exposed as sex offenders, I cannot find the name of this specific person nor whether or not they have such a record.)

“Who brought the pedophile?” one of the men can be heard asking. “Who brought the pedophile? We want to know?” One of the organizers responds: “This storytime is actually for children…” and the man interrupts here: “Then why is the pedophile here?”


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