Abortion doula explains how to put aborted baby’s remains on an “altar”

By Jonathon Van Maren

One of the most powerful anti-abortion videos produced in recent years is, strangely, an animated short film put out by the Canadian-based group Choice42.

Titled simply “Modern Child Sacrifice,” the video flashes through a series of haunting scenes showing babies being sacrificed to Moloch; drums thundering next to idols to drown out screams; forceps pulling a child apart; flashes revealing the shadow children that die so our sunny, smiling world can carry on as if they’d never existed. It is visceral and gut-wrenching precisely because it is undeniably true. 

Pro-lifers have been comparing abortion to child sacrifice for decades now, most notably Gregg Cunningham of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (who has created displays centered around that theme). In the past, children were sacrificed to pagan gods to bring good crops; for victory in battle; to show the idols the ultimate fealty.

It is a sick irony that we are in many ways worse than those who killed their children on these altars. They sacrificed their children because their sons and daughters were the most valuable thing they could offer the gods they served; we suction, poison, and dismember our children and toss them in the trash as if they are worth nothing at all. 

Abortion is child sacrifice, but rarely do those procuring abortions intend their lethal acts of convenience to be seen that way. That fact makes a 2021 video that has surfaced again all the more shocking.

Titled “How to build an altar for your mifepristone + misoprostol abortion,” the video is produced by an abortion doula as part of the “Self Guided Abortion” project, which provides information to walk women through taking the abortion pill in order to first poison and then expel their child.


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