Disgusting: ‘Trans’ parents are using their ‘trans’ toddlers as activists

By Jonathon Van Maren

As media outlets across the U.K. documented the growing recognition that “transitioning” children is incredibly dangerous, the Mirror published an article with the headline “Transgender model walks the New York Fashion Week runway at just 10 years old.” Here’s how it opens:

Meet Noella, the youngest transgender model to ever walk the runway in New York Fashion Week. At just 10 years old, Noella has hit the catwalk for Mel Atkinson, the designer behind Trans Clothing Company.

‘It feels good that I’m already inspiring trans kids to be themselves,’ said the mini model. Her parents Dee McMaher, 35, and Ray, 32, are incredibly proud of their daughter who began socially transitioning aged four.

Go head and re-read that. Noella – a biological boy – began transitioning at the age of four. His mother, an event director, is of course very proud of him. “Noella doesn’t ever get nervous or scared by anything. She’s [sic] a tiny professional! She was so excited to go down the catwalk, excited to see all the people and the cameras. She knows exactly how to work a crowd. We are so proud of Noella for being the first trans child in New York Fashion Week, we are in awe with her confidence and determination.”

Noella, of course, is a useful symbol for the transgender movement, which wishes to showcase a boy who “became” girl to enforce the idea that this is actually possible.

“Noella already has so many transgender people of all ages contact her for advice, support,” Dee told the media. “Noella is very outspoken and an amazing advocate for other trans kids. It’s great that she can provide this trans visibility on a global scale. She is showing them that trans is beautiful.”

Noella’s parents, fortunately, have not begun the process of medical transition, which they feel is too early – but they do say their son announced himself to be a girl already at the age of two and told a therapist he was a girl at the age of four. They thus decided to bring him to a gender clinic, legally changed his name to Noella at age seven, and began the transgender modelling career shortly thereafter. The novelty of being 10 and trans is, as you might expect, popular – Noella has bookings until November 2022. His mother says that the goal is to promote transgenderism.


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