Canada’s Green Party imploding after “non-binary, pansexual” leader is “misgendered” by accident

By Jonathon Van Maren

With Pierre Poilievre taking the leadership of the Conservative Party, Liberal MPs have suddenly woken up and realized that perhaps it is time for their party to pay attention to the concerns of everyday Canadians—to be, in the words of one MP, “less woke.” Indeed, it is difficult to imagine any federal leader more insufferably and performatively progressive than Justin Trudeau. Except, perhaps, for the Interim Leader of Canada’s Green Party, Amita Kuttner. 

Thirty-two-year-old Kuttner, according to his publicly available information, is an astrophysicist who has been interim leader since November 2021 and “identifies as non-binary, transgender, and pansexual, and uses they/them and he/him pronouns.” Just to break that down: this means Kuttner identifies as male, but also as neither gender (non-binary) simultaneously (perhaps attempting to reach woke singularity), and pansexual means Kuttner is attracted to “all genders and orientations.” To parse the contradictions in this would take several thousand words—so on to the “controversy.” 

At a Vancouver media event on September 3 to initiate the Green Party’s interminable leadership race, a Zoom caption identified Kuttner with the pronouns “she/elle.” Kuttner, predictably, was both devastated and livid. This “misgendering,” Kuttner declared, “made me feel hurt and isolated” and was also “reflective of a larger pattern of behaviours that a few in the party are perpetuating.” Further, Kuttner statement asserted, “in moments like these I wonder—how can I ensure other people’s safety if I can’t even ensure my own?” 

Just so you’re following: By a lack of safety, Kuttner is referring to the pronouns “she/elle” in a Zoom caption. That’s it. Nobody questioned Kuttner’s contradictory identity—it is just so complicated and fluid that whoever wrote it got it “wrong” (precisely the wrong word, but whatever). 


One thought on “Canada’s Green Party imploding after “non-binary, pansexual” leader is “misgendered” by accident

  1. Percival says:

    Does Amita Kuttner has a penis? If not, is a girl.
    If “Kuttner identifies as male, but also as neither gender (non-binary) simultaneously” this is a contradiction and a sign of mental confusion and needs to go to a doctor.

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