Leader admits that Mexican feminists lied to get abortion legalized

By Jonathon Van Maren

Back in June, I wrote a column for LifeSiteNews on how activists use lies to push for the legalization of abortion. At the time, a doctor in El Salvador was responding to claims by activists that women were being jailed for abortions and investigated for miscarriages.

However, the examples that abortion activists were using to back these claims were, in fact, instances where forensic evidence had established that “full term babies were strangled, stabbed, struck with a rock, had their necks broken, suffocated in septic tanks or inside plastic bags.”

In short, these activists were peddling overt deceits to a sympathetic press in order to push for the elimination of pro-life laws.

Another example of this has just surfaced, with Catholic News Agency reporting that abortion activist Marta Lamas, a founder of the Group for Information on Elective Reproduction (GIRE) and an instructor at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, recently confessed in a panel discussion at the Metropolitan Autonomous University that she and her fellow activists had lied about key facts in their push for legalization in Mexico.

The discussion — from October 25, 2016 — was titled “Conversation on the Feminist Movement,” and has gone “viral” after being posted to Instagram by Steps for Life.


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