Andrew Tate Claims “They” Are Lying About WWII

As if on cue, online influencer and alleged sexual abuser Andrew Tate, who has been promoted by conservative commentators such as Tucker Carlson and Candace Owens, is now embracing antisemitism. This comes as no surprise after his consistent refusal, in an interview with Piers Morgan, to condemn the October 7 terrorist attacks perpetrated by Hamas against Jewish civilians; his claim to have converted to Islam in December 2022 shortly before his arrest may also play a role. Either way, Tate has jumped further into the deep end. On January 23, Tate posted his latest thoughts (to put it as generously as possible) on X (formerly Twitter). I’ve retained his grammar and spelling:

If they lied to us about Gaza and Israel. And lied to us about Ukraine. And lied to us about Libya and Syria and Iraq. And lied to us about Vietnam. And lied to us about Korea. If they lied to us about every single war and why it really happened and who the good guys and bad guys were. Do you think they lied about ww2?

I mean. History is written by the victors, no? Im just asking a very simple question. Do you think the version theyve told you is the truth? Do you care enough to find out? Considering ww2 was such a large cultural event its still used to this day to pysop the populace. Bad guy=Nazi. I think you should at least understand why the war really happened. No?

There is, as they say, a lot there. Tate strings together a series of alleged premises ranging from standard leftist talking points—Israel is an evil occupier; the Americans were the villains in Iraq and Vietnam—to more bewildering accusations: the Americans were the ‘bad guys’ in Korea, and thus the ‘good guys’ were whom, exactly? The North Korean invaders? Or perhaps the Chinese Communists? From there, he makes the giant leap to claiming that “they” are lying to us about “every single war” and “who the good guys and the bad guys were.” Specifically, “they” lied about World War II and that we should, henceforth, question the narrative that the Nazis were ‘bad guys.’

Tate doesn’t say who “they” are because he knows that he doesn’t have to spell it out for his fans. The comments underneath his post range from fake photos insisting that World War II began with the Jews declaring war on Germany to outright defences of Adolf Hitler, including subtitled videos of his speeches with comments approving of his prescience and intelligence. Neither Tate nor his followers are “dog-whistling” here. Surging antisemitism across the West has emboldened them, and they are saying the quiet part out loud while millions of impressionable young men who instinctively distrust “narratives” (often for good reason) follow along.


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