Democrat candidate promotes abortion in TV ad depicting her giving birth

By Jonathon Van Maren

If I told you that a young woman running for Congress decided to launch her longshot campaign with an intimate campaign ad that shows her on her Louisiana farm, playing with her beautiful blond little girl, taking care of their animals with her husband — and then going into labor and giving birth to a little boy, you might assume that it was a very pro-life TV ad. You would be wrong.

Louisiana Democrat Katie Darling fired up her campaign to unseat House Minority Whip Steve Scalise with an ad that features her husband driving her to the hospital, helping her from the car, and giving birth to a son while Darling’s voiceover explains that she is running to represent those concerned about “Louisiana’s abortion ban, one of the strictest and most severe in the country.”


According to Darling: “We should be putting pregnant women at ease, not putting their lives at risk.”

She does not explain why protecting pre-born children such as her son puts her life or anyone else’s at risk, but she does feature some close-up shots of her daughter, presumably to make the point that her little girl will be less free unless she has the right to an abortion.


One thought on “Democrat candidate promotes abortion in TV ad depicting her giving birth

  1. Navi says:

    R+22 (Cook PVI), incumbent running. This is about going viral and getting recruited for a seat that’s actually winnable, or a job with MSNBC or Planned Parenthood.

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