Greek soccer star found guilty of ‘incitement to violence’ for objecting to mutilations of gender-confused children

By Jonathon Van Maren

Remember when the LGBT movement insisted, over and over again, that there is no conflict between the “rights” they were demanding and the rights that we then enjoyed—rights like freedom of speech and freedom of religion? They were lying, and they knew it. Trans activists were never satisfied with simply being able to identify however they chose—they wanted to force us all to affirm their chosen identities. They were also never willing to tolerate dissent. Any objection to their worldview is denounced as hate speech that has no place in the society they are currently creating. 

The latest victim of the tolerance buzzsaw is Vassilis Tsiartas, widely considered to be one of the greatest Greek soccer stars of all time. Back in 2017, he posted his objection to sex change surgeries for children on his social media, posting angrily that: “I hope the first sex changes are carried out on the children of those who ratified this abomination. Legitimize pedophiles, too, to complete the crimes.” Shortly thereafter, he posted: “God created Adam and Eve.” 

For that “transphobic” objection to the permanent mutilation of children, Tsiartas was given a ten-month suspended prison sentence and given a 5,000 euro fine. He was taken to the Single-Member Misdemeanor Court of Athens by the Transgender Support Association (SYD), which accused him of a public incitement to “violence or hatred for reasons of gender identity,” which they claimed was “particularly important for the transgender community.” This is the first conviction in Greece under the law banning a “public incitement to violence or hatred on the basis of gender identity,” despite the fact that Tsiartas was doing no such thing. 


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