Widow’s generous gift to suicidal young man shows how we can fight euthanasia with our hearts

By Jonathon Van Maren

With all the horror stories coming out of the Canadian euthanasia regime we’ve covered on LSN, I thought it would be good to draw your attention to a good news story posted recently by Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (whom I interviewed at length recently on the podcast). Alex recently posted this email from an EPC supporter to his blog: 

We have a wheelchair and medical equipment supply company in BC and recently encountered a young man in his late twenties with a rare condition who was counselled to accept MAiD, and had consented to do so. The “breaking point” for him, beside living with the consequences of his condition, was poor access to his residence leaving him a “prisoner in his own home.”

Meanwhile we became aware at the same time that a woman who had recently installed a special wheelchair lifting device in her home for the benefit of her ailing husband, who was suddenly bereaved when he passed away from his disease.

One of our sales staff, knowing the plight of the young man, gently asked the woman “if she would consider donating the lifting unit for someone else in need.” There would be a significant cost (about $5000), to dismantle the elevation unit at her residence and then move it to the new site and re-install it. Upon learning this, she not only donated the unit, but also agreed to pay the cost of removal and re-installation for the young man who desperately needed this device for access to his home.

Here is the ultimate effect of her generosity: the young man decided NOT to proceed with MAiD.

There is an important lesson here. As an increasing number of desperate Canadians opt for lethal injections because they cannot obtain the assistance and the resources they need to live day to day, we should seek opportunities to help where we can. Les Landry of Medicine Hat, Alberta, for example, has started both a GoFundMe to fundraise for his immediate needs—and has begun considering MAiD if he cannot procure the help that he needs.  


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