Canada is internationally known for weird “transgender” male grifters

By Jonathon Van Maren

“Canada is back,” Justin Trudeau announced exuberantly when he won the country’s top job in 2015, just over seven very long years ago. In his modest view, the decade under Conservative rule had irreparably harmed Canada’s reputation, and now that the most progressive Liberal in her history was in charge, all of that could change.  

Trudeau’s declaration has been trotted out many times since, of course – to chuckle about his insufferable costume-swapping journeys across foreign lands that made the eyes of the Indians bulge; to note his perennial blackface habit, which would have sunk any Conservative leader almost immediately; his groping scandal; his many ethics violations; his demonization of the unvaccinated and impressive destruction of the economy. 

But it is perhaps most ironic when considering what, after almost eight years of Trudeau the Younger’s reign, Canada is best known for on the public stage (besides being the “world’s first woke nation,” as the U.K. Telegraph put it). The first is the fact that we are killing tens of thousands of Canadians by euthanasia – euphemistically known as “MAiD” to avoid using terms like “euthanasia” or “suicide.” For almost two years, there has been a nonstop flood of international coverage asking why Canada is killing the poor, the disabled, and the mentally ill rather than addressing their actual needs.  

The second is Canada’s extraordinary population of delusional men who have decided to identify as women and then assert their Trudeau-given rights as women in a series of cases so ridiculous that they almost appear to be intentional trolls trying to highlight where gender ideology (one of Trudeau’s hobby horses) inevitably leads. There is Jonathan “Jessica” Yaniv, for example, who sued a string of spas because the squeamish immigrant women who worked there didn’t want to wax his allegedly female testicles, cases which dragged on for months because the law, technically, was on Yaniv’s side. 


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