Sam Smith’s satanic Grammys performance shows that pop culture cannot be saved

By Jonathon Van Maren

I do not watch the Grammys, and I am irritated that the only reason I caught snippets of pop star Sam Smith’s hell-themed demonic performance is because conservatives posted clips of it to Twitter, where I ended up scrolling past it multiple times. Incidentally, that is also how I ended up seeing screengrabs of Smith’s orgy-themed performance earlier this month. 

I know these people are decadent – Smith famously identifies as “non-binary” – and I choose to avoid these aspects of pop culture entirely and don’t care for seeing demon-themed sexual exhibitionism. 

In my view, conservatives should opt out of these aspects of pop culture entirely. There is nothing remotely redeemable here. There is no culture to “win back.” It is rotten to the core. Much of this industry has been for some time, but demon-themed performances of a song called “Unholy” are simply evidence of what much of this culture has always represented. They are not pretending anymore, and those who wish to listen to the work of Smith and others shouldn’t, either. I don’t care if it is catchy. Smith is telling you what he is. Believe him.  

The Grammys was attended by President Joe Biden’s wife Jill and many other luminaries, because the event represents the mainstream of culture now. The First Lady was there as Smith writhed about dressed as the Prince of Darkness and sang “Unholy” to a standing ovation. Prior to the performance, Smith tweeted out a photo of himself wearing devil horns with the caption: “This is going to be SPECIAL.” 

And CBS – yeah, the TV broadcasting organization – tweeted back: “…you can say that again. We are ready to worship!” Yes, they are. And we should not participate by listening to their worship music. The mask is off. 


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