Democrats were honest at the State of the Union about their love for killing babies

By Jonathon Van Maren

Last month, the Republican Party put forward a bill that would require healthcare providers to care for children who are born alive during attempted abortions. It is not common for children to survive an abortion—the procedure is designed to decapitate, dismember, and disembowel them before they leave the womb—but it does happen from time to time. Sometimes, these children are hastily killed—sometimes by strangulation—when the doctor realizes that a “live birth” complication has arisen.  

Sometimes, the children are left somewhere to die alone—in the case of Christ Hospital in Illinois, in the soiled utility room. Sometimes, they survive against all odds—survivors like Melissa Ohden and Gianna Jessen have become powerful voices for the millions of missing ones. 

The Democrats rejected the bill out of hand. Their party has become the party of infanticide, and they openly and shamelessly oppose mandatory care even for those who escape the bloody maw of the abortion industry. They are led in this by their allegedly Catholic president, Joe Biden. Biden made it clear at the State of the Union that he is utterly committed to the reconstitution of Roe and the destruction of millions more children in the womb.  

It is common practice for politicians of all parties to wear American flag pins to significant events. But the Democrats are not committed to the United States as such—and certainly not the America founded on Judeo-Christian principles. They are committed to the America born in the Sexual Revolution, not the nation created by Scriptural revelation. And so, Democrats took to Twitter prior to the State of the Union to flaunt their new “abortion pins.”  

Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts posted a photo with his pin, provided by Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion business. The word “abortion” had a heart in the “o,” perhaps to remind everyone that more than sixty million hearts have been stopped by the abortion industry over the past half-century, and that if Markey and his colleagues have their druthers that’ll just be a start. Other Democrats were wearing the same pin. For them, abortion isn’t just healthcare. It is good. They love it. That’s why there’s a heart in the “o.” 


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