The LGBT movement wants to colonize the NHL

By Jonathon Van Maren

The LGBT movement’s claim that their goal is “tolerance” has always been laughable — their movement is about cultural dominance, not tolerance or even acceptance.

New headlines prove this every week, and the most jarring examples of this have been in the world of professional sports — not an industry known to be particularly sensitive.

Some of you may remember that earlier this year, the mainstream media — including an entire bevy of gasping sports commentators — melted down after a Russian Orthodox NHL player with the Philadelphia Flyers declined to wear a gay “pride” jersey. Broadcasters promptly called for his firing. 

According to SportsNet, the situation is snowballing. A March headline announces: “Wild latest NHL team to not wear Pride jerseys on Pride Night.”

That’s right — it is now news when hockey players, while playing a sport, do not overtly signal their support for the LGBT agenda by physically wearing it on their persons.

The point of this reportage, of course, is to trigger more rants calling for firings and to cow the managers and team owners into cowing their players into wrapping their bodies with the flag of the LGBT movement. We’re long past tolerance — this is about public affirmation.  

From SportsNet: 

Minnesota Wild players took warmup Tuesday in their normal uniforms, despite the club reportedly announcing they would wear special Pride-themed jerseys as part of the team’s Pride Night festivities.

According to Michael Russo of The Athletic, the Wild had previously announced that they would wear the Pride jerseys and had also planned to auction off the jerseys after the game, according to a post on the club’s website viewed by Russo that has since been deleted.

‘Part of the themed game programming includes custom-designed Wild Pride jerseys worn by the team during pre-game warmups,’ the deleted post said, according to Russo. ‘The custom warmup jerseys will be signed and auctioned off starting March 7.’


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