Calgary authorities are siding with the man who undressed in girls’ public pool changing room

By Jonathon Van Maren

It is important that Canadians, when listening to politicians such as Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Rachel Notley, and a motley crew of others, understand what they are talking about when they declare their support for “transgender rights.” What they mean — but don’t say — is that biological men who identify as women have the legal right to frequent female-only spaces, regardless of whether they have “transitioned.”

An example of this policy in action occurred recently in Calgary and was reported by the Western Standard. A 15-year-old girl went to Canyon Meadows Pool for swimming lessons. It was on the third day that she was exposed to an adult male’s penis in the changing area. “I was just finishing up changing when a man came in with an arrogant look on his face,” the teen told the Standard.  “He promptly undressed. He walked around the room naked for some time. I got out of there as fast as I could. I felt shaken up and horrified that this was allowed to happen.”

Allan Eisses, the girl’s father, confirmed his daughter’s story. “A homeschool swim lesson was available for one week at Canyon Meadows Pool, so all our kids except the youngest took part,” he said. “During the third day, on February 1, an individual who was biologically male entered the women’s change rooms as most of the girls from the lessons were still finishing changing, showering. While this was happening, the man proceeded to get undressed and walk around the room naked, penis hanging out in full view of all of them. My two oldest daughters, 13 and 15, were witnesses to the event. We know lots of other people who also witnessed it.”

One of the mothers responded by alerting the girls and ushering them into the private stalls for their safety. “My daughters were appalled, and they felt threatened and unsafe after it happened,” Eisses told the Western Standard. “My wife and I were furious that this man would enter and undress, that the pool would allow it, that the police did nothing about it. We are upset that the laws of our society do not protect the most vulnerable among us, young girls and children. We are upset that the city facilities are not a safe place for our children.”


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