Dutch TV show ‘Simply Naked’ exposes children to full-on transgender nudity

By Jonathon Van Maren

I wrote recently about Canada’s state broadcaster airing a program in which they introduced drag queens to nervous and awkward-looking children for the purpose of indoctrination — normalizing queer and transgender culture. That show was only one of scores of current examples that I could cite, including the inaugural episode of “Sharing Spaces” in which Daniel Radcliffe, presumably still attempting to escape his Harry Potter past since J.K. Rowling became a culture warrior fighting the transgender movement, grovels before a group of “transgender” and “non-binary” youth and begs them to help him understand.

But the Dutch TV show “Gewoon Bloot” — Simply Naked — upped the ante. Instead of introducing children to drag queens who were, at least, fully clothed, they paraded naked transgender adults to children ages 10-12 and invited questions.

In a recent clip that has gone viral, host Edson de Graca excitedly announced the new episode: “In Simply Naked, adults get undressed so that we can learn something about it! These kids, 10-12-year-olds, get the opportunity to ask them questions about their naked body, and today our guests are transgender.” The camera panned a group of children sitting nervously in their seats.


Five adults walked out in front of the children and took off their clothes. One was a young woman featuring chest scars from where she’d gotten her breasts surgically removed. She explained to the children that she felt male, and thus had surgery. “But you can also be transgender and not undergo any surgeries,” she added. Another, wearing boxers, told the children: “As you can see, there’s something in my underpants, but I still have a vulva. I don’t feel comfortable with that body part. Therefore, I am wearing my underwear with a packer.”


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