‘Transgender’ Ohio man charged after exposing himself in women’s YMCA bathroom

By Jonathon Van Maren

There should be an entire category of news stories committed exclusively to tracking the many crimes that LGBT activists assured us would never happen but are, nevertheless, still happening consistently. Currently, for example, anyone who points out that allowing biological men into women’s facilities based exclusively on their self-identification as women will have obvious consequences is told that a) this is “transphobia” and b) such things will not happen. 

When they do happen, of course, LGBT activists are more concerned about the impact of these stories on their political agenda than about the victims suffering from the consequences of their agenda, such as the three juvenile girls who were exposed to a male identifying as female in a YMCA in Xenia, Ohio: 

A Fairborn resident is facing charges following complaints of a naked man in the women’s locker room at the YMCA in Xenia. Darren Glines has been charged and arraigned on three counts of public indecency. The charges stem from three different incidents in which witnesses allege Glines exposed themselves in the women’s locker room at the YMCA in Xenia. In the police report, one of the witnesses said Glines identified themselves as a woman.

You’ll notice that despite the criminal charges and the name “Darren,” the media still cautiously refers to the criminal by the awkward pronoun “themselves” because it is important that the preferred pronouns of perverts be treated with the utmost respect.  

This respect, incidentally, only flows in one direction. Opponents of transgender ideology have consistently highlighted the relentless abuse they face from trans activists, and yet they are nearly always portrayed as the antagonists in the debate rather than the victims. In a recent interview with The Scotland Herald, feminist journalist Mandy Rhodes described how she and her family were targeted by trans activists: 

As Scotland emerged from lockdown restrictions in the summer of 2021 Mandy Rhodes began to feel deeply uncomfortable at her work. As the long-time editor of Holyrood magazine, Ms Rhodes is one of Scotland’s most influential political journalists. Her workplace is the Scottish Parliament where she has been reporting and commenting on the business of government for nearly 20 years.


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