Another de-transitioner is suing the medical professionals who mutilated her (& other stories)

A roundup of news and commentary from around the interwebs.


From The Federalist: “Surgeon Castrating ‘Gender-Diverse’ Eunuchs Manifests The Evil Of Transgenderism.” A wild read.


From World News: “Some U.S. cities are legitimizing polyamory.” Who saw that coming? Oh, yeah. The much-maligned Religious Right. This excerpt stood out:

Social stigma toward polyamorous relationships may explain the low registration numbers. But Christian experts warn that acceptance of polyamory is gaining traction, even among some church circles.

Branson Parler, a writer and advisor at the Center for Faith, Sexuality, and Gender, said he hears more parents in Christian communities mention children considering polyamorous relationships. As politicians and courts redefine marriage, adults interpret romance, relationship, and commitment by their own self-satisfaction, he said.

“Polyamory is a prime example of the deeper story of individualism,” he said. “This is really about, ‘You do you.’”

Widespread pornography in the church has a lot to do with this, and churches are barely beginning to understand the ways in which relationships will be redefined in the years ahead.


The horror shows that are “gender clinics” continue to be exposed: “Parents felt pressure from gender clinics to transition children, study finds.” An excerpt:

A newly released study found that parents who took their adolescent children to gender clinics said they experienced pressure to agree to the transition process and that their children’s well-being was worse, not better, afterward. The findings of “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria: Parent Reports on 1655 Possible Cases,” published Wednesday in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, lent support to the theory that the surge in gender-switching adolescents is rooted in a social contagion stoked by media, peers and gender clinicians.

Thousands of kids irreversibly damaged. These gender clinicians should spend time in prison.


On that precise subject: “New Detransitioner Announces Intent To Sue For Childhood Medical Transition.” From Reality’s Last Stand:

A young detransitioned woman is seeking justice from the medical group and hospital that facilitated her medical transition between the ages of 12 to 17, which included puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and a double mastectomy at just 13 years old. 

The plaintiff, Layla Jane, is represented by the Dhillon Law Group and LiMandri & Jonna LLP in conjunction with the Center for American Liberty. On Wednesday, a letter of intent to sue was sent to the Permanente Medical Group and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals alleging “gross negligence” on behalf of their client, and accusing Kaiser of allowing “radical, inadequately studied, off-label, and essentially experimental treatment to occur on minors.”

Read the whole thing. I hope she bankrupts them.


Now, for some very good news: “Traditional Countries Stop Biden Administration Sexual Agenda for Children.


If you want a glimpse of what parent with “transgender” children, read this mauling article by an angry, heartbroken father: “A Father’s Anger That Will Not Sleep.”


More soon.

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