Euthanasia groups are getting millions in federal funding

By Jonathon Van Maren

The Canadian Association of MAiD Assessors and Providers (CAMAP) describes itself as an “organization… made up of clinicians who provide MAiD services including assessment for eligibility and provision of MAiD itself.” Interpreted, “MAiD” stand for “Medical Aid in Dying,” the euphemism invented by euthanasia activists when they realized how difficult it was to destigmatize suicide. As journalist Alexander Raikin revealed in his investigation into Canada’s euthanasia practices in The New Atlantis, “No Other Options,” this organization has been decidedly promiscuous in its approval of “patients” eligible for a lethal injection administered by one of their professionals. 

With a track record like this, CAMAP is naturally eligible for government funding. As blogger Pat Maloney noted this week, CAMAP received $3,287,996 in government funding in 2021; in 2018, two years after legalization, they’d received only $41,480.  

With the number of Canadians requesting euthanasia skyrocketing and the Trudeau government constantly moving the border between those pre-approved for state-sanctioned and -facilitated death and the rest of us, business is booming. If you’re in the death business, you’re making a killing. Maloney also noted that since 2021, CAMAP is a charity (like Dying with Dignity, one of the most dangerous organizations in the country) and some donors have left endorsements 

‘Both of my parents benefited from your work. Thanks!’ – Donor 

‘My husband died with dignity thanks to MAiD. I am very thankful that this option was available.’ – Donor

‘I can’t think of a more deserving charity. Count me in as a strong supporter and believer in your charity’s mandate!’ – Donor

‘I can’t possibly thank you enough for your most needed work and compassion.’ – Donor

Read those again, if you will.  

How did mom and dad “benefit” from this work, do you think? How do you thank someone for giving your husband a lethal injection? How is a group of people specializing in euthanasia a “deserving charity”? Consider the ghoulishness of donating to a group of people whose entire “mandate” is to end the lives of Canadians – and increasingly, Canadians who would not die if a medical professional had not killed them. When our euthanasia regime is expanded to the mentally ill, the tragedies will be legion. Donating to kill the depressed – what have we become?


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