Between 40 and 60% of parents at some Ontario schools kept kids home over Pride activities

By Jonathon Van Maren

June has begun, and thus in Canada the full-scale celebration of the LGBT movement know as “Pride Month” has also kicked off. Well, it used to be the “LGBT movement” – as anyone who reads the news will know, that acronym is expanding ever outwards.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford, in his congratulatory message to the LGBT movement, was sure to refer to the “2SLGBTQIA+ community,” a moniker so long he actually had to take a breath partway through. Ford, as you may know, leads the Progressive Conservative government. He will be attending the York Pride Parade. 

When it comes to the LGBT agenda, it doesn’t really matter who runs the government anymore. The Toronto District School Board (TDCSB) is all-in on celebrating the LGBT community, and in response to some parents keeping their children out of school during “pride” events across the province, schools are taking measures to ensure that these events can carry on with parental knowledge.

Former high school teacher and board trustee candidate Chantal Pfahl reported on one of these events yesterday: “Tomorrow at the TDSB, one high school is hosting >250 students from about 20 GSAs across the TDSB for a ‘Pride Ball’ featuring drag queens etc. $15 to get out of class for the afternoon to attend, no parental consent required.” 

A “GSA” is a “Gay-Straight Alliance club,” and according to Pfahl, teachers are being told that “due to safety considerations for students, please share information about Pride Ball with students by word of  mouth ONLY.”


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    I’m not sure if it’s just me, but every time I click the link for your previous post (“Target gets bomb threats…”), I get a 404 error page. As always, I appreciate the work you are doing!

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